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If you want to report a problem or would like to see a new feature in the next version of SyncTime, please write a comment on this page. Every suggestion is welcome!

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  1. I love the product! I’m trying to sync two different folders from a shared drive to an external drive and all works perfectly except the dependency option. I’d prefer to run the two folders sequentially so I make the second dependent on the first. However the first one runs and I get the green circle. But the second one continues to just wait on the first one and never runs. What can I do to correct this?

  2. Hi Nick, thanks for creating a great program! One feature I would love to see is an „archive“ option in addition the existing to „Move files to be overwritten or removed to the trash“ functionality.

    The archive option would work like this:
    #1: Add a version number to the file to be overwritten/removed in the destination folder: „Somefile.doc“ renamed to „SomefileV01.doc“
    #2: Create an „archive“ folder under the destination folder
    #3: Place „SomefileV01.doc“ to „destination/archive“
    #4: Copy the newer „Somefile.doc“ from source to destination

    Hope to see this in an upcoming version!

  3. I am trying to use SyncTime to monitor the output from iVl Pro converting movies in order to transfer them to a NAS.

    Every time iVl completes a conversion it creates a Folder with the movie title and then puts the Movie m4v file inside.

    SyncTime seems to recognise the folder is created and copies the folder but it never copies the actual movie file.

    I tried adding a delay but no effect. If I copy the folder and file to the monitored directory manually the sync works fine.

    Here are the log entries:

    2018-08-10 17:14:03.279 SyncTime[1755:76578] Background callback with path ‚/Users/stobin/Movies/Movies/The Bourne Ultimatum‘: MustScanSubDirs 0 RootChanged 0 Mount 0 Unmount 0 Created 256 Removed 0 InodeMetaMod 0 Renamed 0 Modified 0 FinderInfoMod 0 ItemChangeOwner 0 XAttrMod 0
    2018-08-10 17:14:03.279 SyncTime[1755:76578] Change accepted
    2018-08-10 17:14:03.286 SyncTime[1755:76578] Background callback with path ‚/Users/stobin/Movies/Movies/The Bourne Ultimatum/The Bourne Ultimatum.m4v‘: MustScanSubDirs 0 RootChanged 0 Mount 0 Unmount 0 Created 256 Removed 0 InodeMetaMod 1024 Renamed 0 Modified 0 FinderInfoMod 0 ItemChangeOwner 0 XAttrMod 0
    2018-08-10 17:14:03.290 SyncTime[1755:117134] Starting background scan with source ‚/Users/stobin/Movies/Movies/The Bourne Ultimatum‘ and destination ‚/Volumes/Steve Tobin/Multimedia/Videos/Sync Test/The Bourne Ultimatum‘ for sync item: Movies
    2018-08-10 17:14:03.290 SyncTime[1755:117134] Sync ‚/Users/stobin/Movies/Movies/The Bourne Ultimatum‘ with ‚/Volumes/Steve Tobin/Multimedia/Videos/Sync Test/The Bourne Ultimatum‘
    2018-08-10 17:14:03.290 SyncTime[1755:117134] Add
    2018-08-10 17:14:03.290 SyncTime[1755:117134] Scan time: 0.000999

    1. This issue is related to the fact that it is not always possible to reliably determine if a file has changed in the background. The newest update makes some improvements that should solve this issue as well.

  4. Hi, LOVE the product and would be completely crippled without it.
    Having a problem with newly tagged colors on folders no longer transferring when two way syncing between the HD and Dropbox. I haven’t tried other paths but this appears to be a new issue as colors used to sync with no problem.

    Sierra 10.12.6
    SyncTime 2.8.1 (60)

    1. Unfortunately on macOS 10.13 High Sierra it is only possible to sync tags between two local folders in a two-way sync. In macOS 10.14 Mojave this problem seems to be fixed.

  5. Ever since update 2.8 I’m getting entries in the replace tab that also show up in the copy tab. The items in the replace tab are the top level folder with nothing underneath them. This same entry shows up in the copy tab with all it’s entries including the files or said folder.

    I have a screen shot if you want to email me.

    The last two updates I get entries that basically do nothing but indicate a sync needs to happen but everything has already been synced. If I accept the sync it finishes instantly and then the next time I sync a second later doesn’t show anything to sync (which is correct)

  6. I spoke with someone about this same issue a while back, but haven’t really solved it. I sync midi files to a USB drive. Quite often, but not every time, I create or modify a file, when I sync, it will sync over as a new file. But when I sync again the next time, the same file syncs as if it’s been modified–but it hasn’t been. It will continue to do this until I go into the original folder and duplicate the original file, delete the original file and rename the „copy“ to the original file’s name. This can happen to many different files at once, or none it all. It seems very random. It’s starting to get more time consuming. The time I spend duplicating and renaming files to get the sync to go through without resyncs, I could almost just go ahead and manually sync the files.

  7. Awesome app (thank you!), but one big thing is missing :
    I have a large folder of files (source) and a destination folder that I periodically want to Sync, to have an exact copy of the of the source folder without having to overwrite the entire destination folder. I only overwrite the files that have changed. That is currently not an option (unless I’m misunderstanding).

    As I make changes to the source folder, I sometimes I replace files with older versions. Under this scenario, if I want the destination folder to be an exact copy of the source, I need to select „overwrite always“. I don’t want to be concerned if the source files are older or newer, I just want to sync, creating an exact copy (with minimal overwriting). There needs to be a „Overwrite if different“ option for this to be possible.


    1. SyncTime does not explicitly keep versions of files, but if you enable the option „Move files to be overwritten or removed to the trash“, then the trash will automatically rename all duplicate files. This way you can still browse old versions.

  8. Hi, this is a wonderful product – thank you for your efforts! it’s great to use and so easy to configure. It would be great if you could add the feature to add colour background to the groups – so I can differentiate when it’s selecting all groups – thanks in advance

  9. Great program, well done! one thing is missing for me. I like to have a progress bar counting % or number of files in the status bar during a sync!

  10. Hello, I’m really liking your SyncTime program that I just bought yesterday. Before feeling comfortable enough to sync my wife’s 2 8TB Drives that we can’t afford to lose any data on, I did some testing on 2 4gb drives with random data files. As powerful as this program is the settings were refreshingly simple and easy to figure out, now that is nice. The only strange thing I ran into and have not been able to figure out yet is this: I have my 2 4gb drives doing a 2 way sync, I can put a file in Drive A and another in Drive B, by the time I open both drives the files are already synce’d (Awesome ) both the destination drives even have exact bit for bit copies(Totally Awesome ), but they are greyed out a little and I can’t open them, unless I copy/drag and drop one back to my desktop or right click on it and duplicate it, when I duplicate one of those files it then will show both duplicated files on both drives and they are able to open. I even ran first aid on both drives and restarted my computer, SyncTime even checked both drives on startup and had no errors, but still those files are greyed out and won’t open, but when I duplicate or drag onto my desktop they open and everything is there.
    After running this program through every test I could think of, especially for the price it is the only Sync program I’ve been really impressed with so far.

    Your input and / or any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    1. This issue is caused by the Finder setting the creation date of directories to a special value during copy operations so that they appear „disabled“. SyncTime now correctly resets this value when a background copy operation completes.

  11. Since this most recent update. I am getting persistent interruptions by the SyncTime app. Rather than running anonymously in the background like previous interactions, the app pops up on screen above whatever I’m working on every few mins for some unexplained reason. It’s becoming a bit of a nuisance. Is there a fix for this issue?

    I’m running version 2.6.1 (54)
    on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1

  12. Hey, What´s happened to your beautiful program. After the latest update on 28. september 2017 the group dissappered. You put in a new command, „Run Sync:“ it is OK, but after that I may only run All Groups, and I am not able to choose what I want to do, even if I try the arrows up an down.
    Could you please help me to get my groups work again, Please. Regards Knut Naess in Norway

  13. I am having a technical problem. Recently I am getting errors when SyncTime tries to delete a file on my backup drive that has been deleted on the source drive. For example: „8/25/17, 2:09:25 PM: Error trashing “/Volumes/My Passport Backup/1DATA/Outlook for Mac/Outlook for Mac Archive 7-28-17.olm”: “Outlook for Mac Archive 7-28-17.olm” couldn’t be moved to the trash because you don’t have permission to access it.“
    When I check permissions, it shows I have read & write permission (Linux 666). I can manually delete the file without any problems. I have run Disk Utility against the drive and even checked files using TechTool. There appears to be nothing wrong with the drive, or the files. This suggests a problem with SyncTime. Please advise.

    1. When enabling the option „Move files to be removed or overwritten to the trash“, if you get a warning that the volume doesn’t have a trash, you will always get errors. You can either try to format the drive with a different filesystem or disable the option.

  14. Hi, this looks to be an interesting sync app to replace my current choice, so I’m wondering how well it will handle folder pairs that have already been synced?

    Also, have you got any plans to add encryption? This would be great for securing folders synced to cloud services.

    Many thanks.

    1. Synchronisation is incremental, so only changed files are copied. Document encryption would be an interesting feature, perhaps it will be added in some future update.

  15. i love this app, what i did notice though, if i rename a file and start the sync, instead of the program simply finding the change and renaming the file, it deletes the original file and then re-copies the file back over to the destination drive.

    so if you have a 5 gig file that you rename, it goes through a lot of work to delete the file in destination, and then resend the file with the updated file name.

    is this the correct procedure for the app? or is there a way i can have the app simply rename the file without copying over the same file with new name ?

  16. Since I do use the app everyday (indeed!), recently I’m experiencing this problem (probably after its latest update):
    Among several external USB-discs (for bups, syncing etc.), I also have a NAS connected in my LAN. After your last update, SyncTime continues to search for this network-device and every (say) 10-20 secs it reminds me on screen about: „…There was a problem connecting to the server „NAS abcd“. The server may not exist, bla, bla, bla…“.
    This happens even if my Schedule (for this NAS) is set to ‚Manual“ and (in the Advanced settings), I ‚ve checked the ‚Do not auto-mount involved volumes“.
    This behavior stands either if the NAS is ON or OFF (and ONLY for the NAS, it never happened for any other external/internal disc of mine).
    This escort of the same reminder stops only after SyncTime „executes“ all the queue of my scheduled syncs to my other devices…

  17. Great app, thanks! However I’m experiencing a problem in it’s functionality: it deletes subfolders and files if I move them!!

    I’ve 2 folders which I want to keep in sync, sometimes I change something in the first sometimes in the second. I used your two-way sync function and at first it seems to work perfectly ….

    So let’s say I have folder A1 and A2 that I want to have synchronised both ways. In folder A1 are subfolder B1 and C1 and they are synchronized to A2 als B2 and C2, and I deside to move C1 into B1, syncing will DELETE the C folders in both!! Which is not what it is supposed to do because the moved folder would be „new“….

    I’m I doing something wrong or is this a major bug in the software?

  18. Hi!

    1. I use the app every day (I mean it!). Everything is fine, thank you !

    2. I wonder if you could add „sync-to-cloud“. In simple words: To sync/backup to cloud-destinations (Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, WebDAV etc.). Since your app runs transparently, it would be really GREAT to have the options to select among cloud-destinations (apart from hardware drives). Any plans ???

    1. There are no plans for this at the moment. The best solution would be to use some other app that allows to mount all the sync services as a drive which you can browse in the Finder.

  19. I am consistently getting errors on my syncs like this:

    11/28/16, 12:51:53 PM: Error removing “/Volumes/Backup A/JK Archives 1/.DocumentRevisions-V100”: “.DocumentRevisions-V100” couldn’t be removed because you don’t have permission to access it.
    11/28/16, 12:51:53 PM: Error removing “/Volumes/Backup A/JK Archives 1/.Trashes”: “.Trashes” couldn’t be removed because you don’t have permission to access it.
    11/28/16, 12:48:53 PM: Error trashing/removing “/Library/Fonts/AppleGothic.ttf” (overwrite): “AppleGothic.ttf” couldn’t be removed because you don’t have permission to access it.
    11/28/16, 12:48:53 PM: Error trashing/removing “/Library/Fonts/AppleMyungjo.ttf” (overwrite): “AppleMyungjo.ttf” couldn’t be removed because you don’t have permission to access it.
    11/28/16, 12:48:53 PM: Error trashing/removing “/Library/Fonts/ヒラギノ丸ゴ ProN W4.ttc” (overwrite): “ヒラギノ丸ゴ ProN W4.ttc” couldn’t be removed because you don’t have permission to access it.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

    1. It looks as if you’re syncing your whole Mac to an external volume. It is best to include only personal folders (i.e. avoid syncing /Library) and sync them to subfolders on the destination drive, so that you don’t run into problems with hidden files like „.Trashes“ that are created by the system on the root of each volume.

  20. I am syncing my Pictures directory and have been getting this consistent error.

    11/19/16, 12:04:50 PM: Error trashing/removing “/Volumes/My Book File Backup/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/private/” (overwrite): “photosgraph-tmp.graphdb-wal” couldn’t be removed.

    After getting this message, this sync item shows red and the only way I can get it to sync again is to delete the sync command and recreate it. Why is this happening and what can I do to correct it without needing to recreate the sync.

  21. Hi, i am doing an one-way sync, with „Remove files not on source“ and „Remove excluded files“ selected.

    My situation is: when i tag color (on mac) any file or just change the capitalization of one file`s name (example: „hip hop“ to „Hip Hop“), the changes on the destionation folder does not happen.

    The important thing is happening, the back up is being done. But these little things arent. Other than this, the app is marvelous.

    Thanks for the attencion,

    1. Capitalizations are detected, but tag changes currently are not because it would come at a substantial speed penalty. I will see what I can do for a future update.

  22. Hi,

    Just setting up the tools and trying on USB device before full usage.
    The tool is so obvious that maybe my question is ….
    I have chosen „run the sync manually ( or automatically ) and ask for sync in background with „run immediately ( or 1 minute ) .
    After the first sync , any modifications ( adding files , folders , files inside these folders ) do not appear on the destination folder.Seems the tools is not sync in background.
    Thanks for your feedback,
    OSX 10.11.6 & SyncTime 2.4.5(45)

    jean DUBOIS

  23. How do I sync the folder along with all the files in that folder? I tried to sync Documents, Music and Pictures and on the destination I have one big mess of all the different files listed alphabetically. Thanks.

    1. SyncTime copies every file from the source folder to the destination folder. Since you selected the same destination folder for many source folders, they are now mixed up in the same location. If you want to keep them separate, you’ll have to create one folder Documents, one folder Downloads, and so on on the destination drive and select the respective one in each sync item’s settings. Or, as a shortcut, you may create one single sync item with your home folder as the source, then in the settings exclude the source itself and include all subfolders that you want to sync.

  24. I am currently running Mountain Lion OSX and using Synctime. I am wanting to upgrade to El Capitan and want to be sure Synctime will work with El Capitan OSX.

  25. Hi, I’m very happy with your SyncTime tool. Very elegant functionality. prefer it above TimeMachine.

    Just to let you know I report some apparent bugs:
    – last sync time keeps saying ‚today for more than 24 hours‘, giving a misleading impression of recent backup activity
    – the menu item ‚Once all syncs are completed‘ has two of its three options (sleep and shut down) always dimmed.
    – The ‚Keep synchronized in the background‘ timing options seem reset themselves always to ‚immediately‘

  26. I set up a sync to make a copy of everything in my iCloud Drive (too important to trust just to Apple!). But only the ’non-default‘ folders are sync’d – e.g. Keynote and Numbers folders are not sync’d – how can I include these without setting up a separate sync for each folder?

    1. Unfortunately this is not possible due to restrictions in macOS. A possible workaround is to exclude the source folder and include each individual iCloud Drive folder that you want to sync.

  27. SyncTime is great but behaves unlike any other OS X app, once you click outside the app window, the app is still running but disappears from quick task manager of running apps, then you have to re-find and launch app to bring up the window again, why is that? is there a way for this not to happen?

    1. You can open SyncTime again from the status bar menu. Since it’s a status bar app, it doesn’t show in the Force Quit window, but it appears in the Activity Monitor (which you can find in /Applications/Utilities).

  28. After turning on remove files not on source and overwrite destination if source is newer, I am finding that files that should be moved are being marked for removal. I have found that if I open a command window and run „touch“ on these files in the source, then these files get copied to the destination. The „touch“ command changes the access date on the source file. It would be valuable to be able to „touch“ the source file by a pull down menu upon right clicking the file.

    1. The „Automatic“ option in the Advanced tab is only responsible for automatically starting a sync when SyncTime is launched, but source and destination will have to be compared each time.

  29. Hi there !!

    I’ve noticed that SyncTime takes all the available speed for itself ! If I have a good number of automatic-syncs to run on start-up (Yes, I have al ot…..), then the overall network „power“ goes to SyncTime until it ends the syncs…. So, waiting the Web-operations to become normal again, I have to wait a lot…
    The verdict:
    It would be …fine, if we can manage the available Web-speed, via SyncTime Preferences.

  30. I keep getting this error:

    Use ⌘E shortcut or contextual menu to display (Not synchornized yet.)

    When I do the shortcut I get:

    Error removing ‚/Volumes/Backup/JFP 2/.DocumentRevisions-V100‘: “.DocumentRevisions-V100” couldn’t be removed because you don’t have permission to access it.


    Error removing ‚/Volumes/Backup/JFP 2/.Trashes‘: “.Trashes” couldn’t be removed because you don’t have permission to access it.

    Any ideas?

    1. These are directories created by the operating system which are „protected“. You can try excluding hidden files and leaving the option „Remove excluded files“ unchecked to skip them.

  31. After updating to 2.2 (on Yosemite) my one-way sync to usb drives and phones are stopped working. The software hang up at the „comparing directories“ stage for hours. I had to restore the previous version from my time machine. Btw, the best sync app for simple tasks!

  32. The new 2.2 version does not allow us to sync back to our NAS unit… it reads that one way sync can not be done because the unit does not have a trash…
    This was not an issue on previous version…. please correct, or otherwise direct us to how can we download the previous version once again

  33. I setup a two way sync folder from my Mac (source) to my WD NAS drive (on my local network). It always works correctly the first time. But it seems that after a day or so it stops working. If I sync it manually, many files are not copied between the two folders. For example, if I add some files to the NAS and then do a sync, those files do not show up on my Mac. But if I remove the sync and start from scratch, it will work as expected. Also, when I delete a file from my mac, it doesn’t delete it from the NAS. If I have sync in the background, then it keeps adding the file back to my mac. Can you help me? I’m running OSX 10.9.5 and SyncTime Version 2.1.7 (22).

    1. Please refer to the Help section to understand how two-way syncs work. Starting from version 2.2, the „date added“ attribute is used instead of the modification date, but the source/destination needs to be indexed by Spotlight in order for this attribute to be available.

  34. With automatic two-way sync on a directory tempwork enabled, the following happened:
    – Save an attachment (an image) from Apple Mail as tempwork/Image.jpg
    – I can see in Terminal that the file briefly appears in tempwork, with the correct file size (458261)
    – On computer 2, I can see that the new file gets synced to its tempwork directory, but it appears always with filesize 0
    – Now apparently the file gets synced back to computer 1 automatically, in any way I suddenly see the file on computer 1 as tempwork/Image.jpg with filesize 0! Meaning the file has effectively been deleted, which is rather fatal.
    I could reproduce this several times.

    I also noticed that if I create a new file on computer 2 with ‚touch‘ in the terminal, and then edit some text with nano, the newly created file will appear directly on the other computer, but the changes made with nano will take about 30-60 seconds to show up. Is this intended?

  35. Hallo

    I have 2 questions:
    1.) Is there a scheduler where I can choose to start the SyncTime every day or week?
    2.) I can’t add the „sleep.scpt“ correctly because I can’t find the right folder to place it in the Library. Any tipp or help?

    Thank you and brgds

  36. The SyncTime ver 2.1.7 changed the destination from an usb stick to the computer hard disk a couple of times. Wondered why the sync didn’t succeed and noticed this from the log file. I’m using Yosemite. Older versions and Mountain Lion used to behave well.

    Very useful app anyway.

    1. This is a bug that appears in the new Mac OS X Yosemite when you sync to the root of an external drive. Unfortunately there is no fix for this.
      UPDATE: this bug will be fixed by the upcoming Mac OS X El Capitan.

  37. I’m having a problem with SyncTime wanting to delete my .Spotlight-V100 directory from my USB key when I have the „Exclude hidden files“ and „Remove files not on source“ options selected (on OSX 10.8.5). I need to keep the .Spotlight directory around on my USB key to prevent reindexing on Yosemite when I plug in the stick on a different computer (Yosemite seems to store Spotlight exclusion info on the USB volume itself). SyncTime seems to be looking at some hidden files in spite of the „Exclude hidden files“ setting. How can I make SyncTime ignore the .Spotlight-V100 directory?

    1. In update 2.1.7 the option „Remove files not on source“ doesn’t delete excluded files anymore. There is a new option „Remove excluded files“ which you can enable if you want to have the same behaviour as before, otherwise keep it unchecked if you want to preserve hidden files on the destination.

  38. exactly what i was looking for
    plus reasonable price
    kindly add the ability to save sync settings
    so if the app is deleted and re-installed we can get the settings for every sync back from a local file, iCloud Drive, or Dropbox

  39. Hi
    I really like this app. But for some reason I can not exclude files by filter. If I type in for example .lrdata all files with this ending will be synced altough.
    I first activate the checkbox, and of course, after typing in I confirm it by comma or return.

    Could you give me some advise?


  40. Very nice app, works fast en simple.

    In the configuration, there is the feature to exclude files/directories. When I select a map that I don’t want to synchronize and I start the sync, the program automatically wants to delete the map on the destination. But I don’t want the map to delete, just don’t want him to sync.

    I know I can manually remove the map from the delete list, but when I’m not looking good enough, there is the possibility I just click ok and the map will be deleted. Maybe there can be build a feature that prevents automatically deleting of excluded files/maps.

  41. Good app but it fails in one aspect for my uses. When using the two-way sync, the list of files to be replaced (and to be copied) in the confirmation dialog does not indicate if the file will be copied from the left folder tree to the right folder tree or the opposite. It would be useful to know that information and simply adding a right pointing or left pointing arrow with each file would provide that information.
    It might be the left-to-right arrow in the replace tab is indicating a direction but then it appears the app only updates the right folder tree, not the merge function claimed.

    1. As reqeusted, in the current version there is now a floating row telling from where to where files are going to be copied. The bug with the merging has also been fixed.

  42. Synctime stops with error when file name contains special characters or exceeds charter limit while copying to non mac NAS. Can you make an option to skip on errors but continue sync a simply just log the files that were skipped?

  43. The latest two updates (2.1.3 and 2.1.4) appear to have broken the „Launch SyncTime at login“ functionality. The box is checked (which I can see after manually loading the program), but the icon does not appear in the menu bar, and the service/process does not self-initiate in the background.

    It’s a great and simple app otherwise. Keep up the good work!

  44. Hi, I keep getting the following error – The file „..“ couldn’t be opened.
    Is there something wrong with traversing the folder structure?

    I have a couple of folders with .jpg images that I try to sync between my Mac and my NAS

    Thanks for an otherwise great app!

  45. A move option would be nice because the finder selects and copies files based on too many criteria and doesn’t give you many options especially if the transfer is interrupted for some reason, like if you crash. That is to say, if you compared the source and destination and then realized that a file was halted in the middle and is actually only half the file. It would then overwrite the 1/2 file with the good copy. The finder move option also doesn’t tell you where you left off if you hit the stop button. if I am ovine a directory of 40 folders, the finder won’t tell me where I left off.
    Also, moving files from one folder to another on the same network drive is another instance where this might be handy.

  46. Hello,

    Just bought your program, but when I launch it and click ‚add sync‘ I see 2 maps, the ’source‘ and ‚destination‘ folder. When I click on one of them finder opens, I click randomly a map the whole program just disappears. So I can’t use the program at al. Please help.

    Gr. DJ

  47. Any chance you could add bidirectional synchronizing? So far I found SyncTime’s ability to be outstanding but It would also be nice to have a two-way method when synchronizing a network folder.

  48. Great app! I also like to see an all black/gray icon in the menu bar. I also find it a bit inconvenient to reopen the „settings / sync overview“ window. (I now reopen the whole app) Would be great if there is a settings option in the dropdown list from the menu bar icon. Keep up the good work.

  49. Hi,

    Recently I have updated my Mac to OS Mavericks. After that I don’t see the progress bar during the syncs anymore in Usync. Also I don’t get a green bulb anymore when a sync was successful. Can you help to get those back?



      1. Thank You for the 1.1.5 update. SyncTime is very convenient running from the menu bar. Thanks You for making this request a reality. SyncTime is an outstanding product. Looking forward to future additions to your catalog of apps.

  50. Seriously wonderful app!! Love love love it. I’m an iOS developer and have thousands of PNGs and PSDs that I keep synced to a flash drive to supplement my time machine backups. Usync works wonderfully!

    A nice addition would be the ability to resolve aliases or symbolic links (haven’t tested links yet) so in addition to my regular syncs, I could construct a folder of random aliases, and have the originals synced without having to sync all the different containing folders. That may fall outside of the scope of the app -either way – it’s still awesome for my use.

    I’d give it 10 stars if the app store would let me – thanks!

  51. Great App, would love to see the option of it just sitting in the Menubar and not in the Dock, also a Sync timer, so that it would say sync folders every X minutes/hours etc.

  52. Hello, nice app. How about an option on sync so that the confirmation dialog of which files will be deleted/replaced/copied will not be displayed and that the sync will complete without this. Since the folder I’m syncing has thousands of items, the preliminary scan may take many minutes and I don’t want to have to come back and confirm the sync.

    Also, sync is not a great word for what you app does. It really mirrors the source folder to the destination. Mirroring is what I was looking for anyway, but sync implies that the file transfer is bidirectional. I know it is not easy to change the name, but I’d put something about mirroring on the description.

  53. Hi, I installed SyncTime v1.1.1 on OS 10.7.5 but I can’t add any sync item. It just doesn’t let me add any folder as source or destination. After I select any folder, nothing happens, it still says „not selected yet“. Please fix it..

    1. This behavior is normal, the source has to be scanned again at application launch. If nothing changed after the last sync, the confirmation panel will not be shown.

  54. Just installed it and ran it for the first time. I click on the „Add Sync“ image and the application aborts unexpectedly. I cannot get past this point to use the app.

    [0x0-0xaf0af].org.desairem.SyncTime[11776]: objc[11776]: cannot form weak reference to instance (0x7fdbfcd35e00) of class SNSyncSettingsPanel

    [0x0-0xaf0af].org.desairem.SyncTime[11776]): Job appears to have crashed: Illegal instruction: 4

  55. Great tool, simple, fast and easy to use, thank you very much!
    The only thing I cannot find, is the option to add one hidden file or folder on the exclude screen (using the + button) – the window does not show hidden files, even if I turn on hidden files in Finder. Would it be possible to show hidden files if showing of hidden files is enabled in Finder?

  56. Hi! Great tool, simple and reliable, thanks! I’d like to see an option for syncing in background for keeping folders in sync automatically. Would this be possible?

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