Enable logging

Starting from version 2.2, SyncTime can output a log so that you can closely track what it is doing. This is especially useful for debugging purposes. At the moment, log messages are output only during the scan phase (i.e. the initial comparison between source and destination).

To enable logging, please follow these steps:

  1. Open a Terminal window. You can find the Terminal inside the /Applications/Utilities folder.
  2. Right-click the SyncTime app symbol (you’ll find it inside the Applications folder) and select „Show package contents“ to navigate inside the application package.
  3. Drag the file „Contents/MacOS/SyncTime“ to the Terminal window.
  4. In the Terminal, type „-log“ and press Enter. SyncTime will open as usual.

You’ll notice that when starting a sync, a lot of messages will appear in the Terminal. These can also be inspected from the Console, which you find again inside the /Applications/Utilities folder.