SyncTime is the simplest solution to synchronize your files. Did you ever wish you could easily keep up to date all your backup copies, distributed across many devices?
SyncTime will just do it.

A sync item mainly consists of two folders: a source and a destination. You can choose any two folders reachable in the Finder: they can be located on your Mac, on an external drive, like a USB stick, or even on a remote server.

You can create as many sync items as you need and customize each one individually. Even though SyncTime gives you fine-grained control, you don’t have to be an expert user to create a sync item: just give it a title, select a source and a destination directory and press Play!

By default, SyncTime shows you what changes will be applied for each sync that you run. You can go through the list of files, remove entries that you wish to skip and have a QuickLook at any file.

Now you can sit back and wait for the sync to complete … or add a new sync item while the other one is still running. That’s right, every sync item runs independently of each other. When an error occurs, the affected sync will try to complete anyway: you can view the errors separately for each sync item.

The settings for each sync item can be changed at any time. You can exclude files, which means that by default they are not going to be copied; and you can include files again inside excluded directories. You can exclude files containing a specific word or matching a regular expression.

You can choose between three sync types: one-way sync (the default), two-way sync (which allows you to merge source and destination) and one-way move (which deletes the source files after a successful transfer to the destination). You can decide what happens to files that already exist on the destination and whether files that are not on the source anymore or are excluded should be deleted. By default, files are overwritten only if the source file is newer than the destination file, and no file is deleted.

There are other options that allow you to customize your sync items further. Every sync item can have dependencies which are automatically triggered: the sync item will continue as soon as they have completed. Once you’ve run a sync, you can keep watching the source in background so that the destination will be up to date until you quit SyncTime. If you like to keep old versions of your documents, you can choose to trash them instead of overwriting or deleting them, or move them to a custom backup folder, so that you can restore them at a later time.

SyncTime is a lightweight app that you can access from the status bar. From the menu you can enable automatic launch on login and choose whether your Mac should automatically be set to sleep or shut down after all syncs have completed.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know. SyncTime has been designed in order to be easy and intuitive to use. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a problem or suggestions for a new feature: I’m always happy to help!

What users say about SyncTime:

It does what it promises, and it does it well.
— iRecycler

I have been trying to sync folders on various systems from the bad old MSDOS days on, and have been afflicted with a succession of tedious geeky cranky programs in both the Windows and Apple world. My last one could do almost anything, if you had a week to figure out how. Suddenly, the problem is solved! SyncTime is simple, elegant, intuitive and actually fun to set up and use. I thank whoever did this. One of life’s aggrevations has been resolved. Seriously, this is an Apple-worthy point and click program that presents a lot of flexibility in an uncluttered, elegant way. Someone put a lot of work into making this clean and simple for us. Thanks.
— Graymauser

Extremely well designed and does what it says – FAST! I use it to sync important folders to a USB flash drive as an offsite backup to supplement my regular time machine backups. I wanted to be able to manually control what I sync based on what I know I’ve changed, but still have a level of automation that makes it fast and easy to use. SyncTime delivers on all counts! Great app!
— dan•tha•man