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  1. Hi,

    Just love SyncTime, simple, very fast etc. Just missing one thing…..and that’s an option to sync at a certain time and waking up my Mac. I just want to sync once a day at a certain time! Most sync/backup programs have this option. Also need to wake up the computer in order to sync at the time configured. Hope this is possible soon?

    Good luck with this great program.



    1. As far as I can see, Mac App Store apps are not allowed to wake up the Mac from sleep.
      Regarding the automatic syncing at a specified time: unless you have a specific scenario that you’re willing to explain to me, I prefer not to add such an option currently. Having to think about the best time to run an automatic sync and knowing that it will be run periodically at that time would put me under stress, because I would either have to finish my work before that time or, if I need more time, cancel it and start it manually later. So I have the impression that either way, if your intention is to run a sync always after finishing your work, it is better to start it manually. The default time for automatic syncs currently is midnight, as indicated at the bottom right of each sync item.

  2. great piece of helpful software, I was easily willing to pay and bought it yesterday! I’m struggeling to get the following task described in the definition part (exclude part) and ask kindly for support:

    I have a folder full of files, sub-folders and many different file-types. I would like to instruct syncTime to ONLY copy an specific kind of files, but NOT all other files and NOT the sub-folders etc. – is there a way? I tried for an hour with different expressions to exclude or include, but get not managed it…

    Kindest regards, Chris

    1. You can add the source folder itself under “Following files” in the Exclude tab so that everything is excluded by default, then add the extension of the file type that you want to copy in the text field “Filenames containing any of the following expressions”, click the arrow on the right and select Include. You may find this help topic useful: Exclude files.

  3. Hi, I am using sync time to sync a folder on my Mac to a Western digital my cloud drive connected to the network. I use a wired 1GB connection.

    Synctime was working fine and sync is done in back ground until I tried Cyberduck app, I noticed that the speed is much higher and I am not sure of the reason.

    using sync time (connected as AFP) it takes 2hours to copy my 14GB folder, with Cyberduck (connected as FTP) it takes 10 mins.

    I am not comparing the 2 applications as the usage is totally different but the question is only regarding the transfer speed. does it have something to do with the connection protocol?

    1. SyncTime relies on the Finder for copying files, so it should have the same speed. There are other file transfer methods implemented by these other apps that can be faster. You can possibly gain the same speed with SyncTime when mounting the remote volume in the Finder by using apps like Mountain Duck or Rclone.

  4. How often will your app sync when set to “auto”?

    I have two OneDrive accounts on my Mac, both operating in full offline mode (so that my files are always local, and automatically uploading when changes are made).

    I’ve basically set your app so that a specific folder on one of OneDrive accounts will sync to that on another OneDrive account.

    1. You can read more about what the Automatic schedule does when clicking on the help button (with the question mark) beside that option. You may also want to check out the option “Once synced, keep synced in background” in the Advanced tab.

  5. I’m testing SyncTime Lite to make sure your app will work for my purposes before buying. Everything has been perfect except one issue I was hoping you could help me with.

    When I do a one way sync from one computer to another computer using a network connection, the tags don’t sync properly.

    When “pushing” files to another computer (SyncTime is running on the computer with the source folder), during the initial sync, tags are transferred correctly. If I only change the tag color on the source and sync again, the tag change is reflected in destination which is also correct. The problem occurs when I remove the tag completely on the source (no color). When I then do a sync the tag on the destination is not removed. In fact, the confirm dialog window doesn’t even show that a change needs to be made.

    When “pulling” files from a computer (SyncTime is running on the computer with the destination folder) if the only change to the file is that the tag has changed, no changes are made to the destination regardless of whether it was just a change in tag color or the removal of a tag.

    If I perform a sync where the folders are on the same computer or going from a computer to or from an external hard drive, then the tag is always updated on the destination. This is what I’m looking for to happen across a network connection.

    Is there a way to have the syncing of tags work the same way across a network as they do going to and from an external hard drive? Is this maybe something that works in the full version of SyncTime and is just a limitation of the lite version?

    I really like your app. I just need it to update the tags when syncing across a network and it will be perfect for my needs.

    Appreciate any insight you can give.

    1. It seems that macOS doesn’t always recognise tags. The newest 3.1 update fixes this issue by using a slightly slower but more reliable method of retrieving tags.

  6. Hi I really like SyncTime as I find it very useful.

    Feature Request:
    I would like to be able to run a sync at a specific time
    – eg. upload files to dropbox at 1 am and sleep the computer or turn off the screen when done.

    Regards, Mark

    1. Scheduling a sync item at a specific time is something I will think about and possibly implement in one of the next updates.

  7. Hi.
    2 Questions.

    1. I have a bunch of external drives I now want to use as backup drives and will buy a single 8TB drive and want to use the smaller drives as backups to the new 8TB drive. Can SyncTime do this? Cn SyncTime manage a source 8TB drive, and backup files to several drives which together are also 8TB. I do not want to use software raid JBOD because this will increase failure possibility, JBOD is not as safe. I want SyncTime to manage on the fly, and push files to drives, independable, so if only 1 of the backup drives are connected, the files backed up to it are still readable, this is why I don’t want JBOD, I want individual drives to be still readable as normal, SyncTime will just manage where each file will be saved to but it does not use drives as STRIPED. As far as I understand, SPAN is also just the same as STRIPED so I dont want this either.

    Can SynTime Help in this situation?

    2. There is no explanation on this, what is the feature under General/Groups? Can this feature help with above request? Example: Tag folders in the source and SyncTime will create a backup job and look for all files/folder with this tag, and backup to destination. So rather than backing up a file/folder or drive, we are backing up a group of files/folder with a certain tag. Is this possible. Is this what groups feature is?

    1. SyncTime just copies files from a source folder to a destination folder just like you could do in the Finder, so no RAID or STRIPED. Whatever you select as the source will be copied to the destination and if there’s not enough space it will raise an error. You can create many of these so-called sync items, so you could create several ones, each one with a different source folder within your 8TB drive and one of your smaller external drives as the destination. Each file copied to the destination is an exact copy of what you find on the source, so it’s perfectly readable and writable.
      For an explanation of what groups are for, please have a look at this help topic: Sync item groups.

  8. Once again having problems with hundreds of errors related to deleting files. This has been a sporadic problem in the past where it was fixed by chosing “stop background sync” and resyncing again. Doesn’t work this time. The errors say “Error removing ( filepath given )” Anyone else having this occur?

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