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  1. SyncTime is great but behaves unlike any other OS X app, once you click outside the app window, the app is still running but disappears from quick task manager of running apps, then you have to re-find and launch app to bring up the window again, why is that? is there a way for this not to happen?

    1. You can open SyncTime again from the status bar menu. Since it’s a status bar app, it doesn’t show in the Force Quit window, but it appears in the Activity Monitor (which you can find in /Applications/Utilities).

  2. After turning on remove files not on source and overwrite destination if source is newer, I am finding that files that should be moved are being marked for removal. I have found that if I open a command window and run “touch” on these files in the source, then these files get copied to the destination. The “touch” command changes the access date on the source file. It would be valuable to be able to “touch” the source file by a pull down menu upon right clicking the file.

    1. The “Automatic” option in the Advanced tab is only responsible for automatically starting a sync when SyncTime is launched, but source and destination will have to be compared each time.

  3. Hi there !!

    I’ve noticed that SyncTime takes all the available speed for itself ! If I have a good number of automatic-syncs to run on start-up (Yes, I have al ot…..), then the overall network “power” goes to SyncTime until it ends the syncs…. So, waiting the Web-operations to become normal again, I have to wait a lot…
    The verdict:
    It would be …fine, if we can manage the available Web-speed, via SyncTime Preferences.

  4. I keep getting this error:

    Use ⌘E shortcut or contextual menu to display (Not synchornized yet.)

    When I do the shortcut I get:

    Error removing ‘/Volumes/Backup/JFP 2/.DocumentRevisions-V100’: “.DocumentRevisions-V100” couldn’t be removed because you don’t have permission to access it.


    Error removing ‘/Volumes/Backup/JFP 2/.Trashes’: “.Trashes” couldn’t be removed because you don’t have permission to access it.

    Any ideas?

    1. These are directories created by the operating system which are “protected”. You can try excluding hidden files and leaving the option “Remove excluded files” unchecked to skip them.

  5. After updating to 2.2 (on Yosemite) my one-way sync to usb drives and phones are stopped working. The software hang up at the “comparing directories” stage for hours. I had to restore the previous version from my time machine. Btw, the best sync app for simple tasks!

  6. The new 2.2 version does not allow us to sync back to our NAS unit… it reads that one way sync can not be done because the unit does not have a trash…
    This was not an issue on previous version…. please correct, or otherwise direct us to how can we download the previous version once again

  7. I setup a two way sync folder from my Mac (source) to my WD NAS drive (on my local network). It always works correctly the first time. But it seems that after a day or so it stops working. If I sync it manually, many files are not copied between the two folders. For example, if I add some files to the NAS and then do a sync, those files do not show up on my Mac. But if I remove the sync and start from scratch, it will work as expected. Also, when I delete a file from my mac, it doesn’t delete it from the NAS. If I have sync in the background, then it keeps adding the file back to my mac. Can you help me? I’m running OSX 10.9.5 and SyncTime Version 2.1.7 (22).

    1. Please refer to the Help section to understand how two-way syncs work. Starting from version 2.2, the “date added” attribute is used instead of the modification date, but the source/destination needs to be indexed by Spotlight in order for this attribute to be available.

  8. With automatic two-way sync on a directory tempwork enabled, the following happened:
    – Save an attachment (an image) from Apple Mail as tempwork/Image.jpg
    – I can see in Terminal that the file briefly appears in tempwork, with the correct file size (458261)
    – On computer 2, I can see that the new file gets synced to its tempwork directory, but it appears always with filesize 0
    – Now apparently the file gets synced back to computer 1 automatically, in any way I suddenly see the file on computer 1 as tempwork/Image.jpg with filesize 0! Meaning the file has effectively been deleted, which is rather fatal.
    I could reproduce this several times.

    I also noticed that if I create a new file on computer 2 with ‘touch’ in the terminal, and then edit some text with nano, the newly created file will appear directly on the other computer, but the changes made with nano will take about 30-60 seconds to show up. Is this intended?

  9. Hallo

    I have 2 questions:
    1.) Is there a scheduler where I can choose to start the SyncTime every day or week?
    2.) I can’t add the “sleep.scpt” correctly because I can’t find the right folder to place it in the Library. Any tipp or help?

    Thank you and brgds

  10. The SyncTime ver 2.1.7 changed the destination from an usb stick to the computer hard disk a couple of times. Wondered why the sync didn’t succeed and noticed this from the log file. I’m using Yosemite. Older versions and Mountain Lion used to behave well.

    Very useful app anyway.

    1. This is a bug that appears in the new Mac OS X Yosemite when you sync to the root of an external drive. Unfortunately there is no fix for this.
      UPDATE: this bug will be fixed by the upcoming Mac OS X El Capitan.

  11. I’m having a problem with SyncTime wanting to delete my .Spotlight-V100 directory from my USB key when I have the “Exclude hidden files” and “Remove files not on source” options selected (on OSX 10.8.5). I need to keep the .Spotlight directory around on my USB key to prevent reindexing on Yosemite when I plug in the stick on a different computer (Yosemite seems to store Spotlight exclusion info on the USB volume itself). SyncTime seems to be looking at some hidden files in spite of the “Exclude hidden files” setting. How can I make SyncTime ignore the .Spotlight-V100 directory?

    1. In update 2.1.7 the option “Remove files not on source” doesn’t delete excluded files anymore. There is a new option “Remove excluded files” which you can enable if you want to have the same behaviour as before, otherwise keep it unchecked if you want to preserve hidden files on the destination.

  12. exactly what i was looking for
    plus reasonable price
    kindly add the ability to save sync settings
    so if the app is deleted and re-installed we can get the settings for every sync back from a local file, iCloud Drive, or Dropbox

    1. An Export feature is already planned for one of the next releases. You’ll be able to export your sync items to a file, and maybe also to iCloud.

  13. Hi
    I really like this app. But for some reason I can not exclude files by filter. If I type in for example .lrdata all files with this ending will be synced altough.
    I first activate the checkbox, and of course, after typing in I confirm it by comma or return.

    Could you give me some advise?


    1. In the latest version, some settings were only applied when pressing Enter, and not clicking on OK. This should be fixed now.

  14. Very nice app, works fast en simple.

    In the configuration, there is the feature to exclude files/directories. When I select a map that I don’t want to synchronize and I start the sync, the program automatically wants to delete the map on the destination. But I don’t want the map to delete, just don’t want him to sync.

    I know I can manually remove the map from the delete list, but when I’m not looking good enough, there is the possibility I just click ok and the map will be deleted. Maybe there can be build a feature that prevents automatically deleting of excluded files/maps.

    1. In the next version, the option to remove files not on source will be split into “Remove files not on source” and “Remove excluded files”.

  15. Good app but it fails in one aspect for my uses. When using the two-way sync, the list of files to be replaced (and to be copied) in the confirmation dialog does not indicate if the file will be copied from the left folder tree to the right folder tree or the opposite. It would be useful to know that information and simply adding a right pointing or left pointing arrow with each file would provide that information.
    It might be the left-to-right arrow in the replace tab is indicating a direction but then it appears the app only updates the right folder tree, not the merge function claimed.

    1. As reqeusted, in the current version there is now a floating row telling from where to where files are going to be copied. The bug with the merging has also been fixed.

  16. Synctime stops with error when file name contains special characters or exceeds charter limit while copying to non mac NAS. Can you make an option to skip on errors but continue sync a simply just log the files that were skipped?

  17. When using auto sync, the date and time does not update, but the systems still syncs in the background

    Nice app.

  18. The latest two updates (2.1.3 and 2.1.4) appear to have broken the “Launch SyncTime at login” functionality. The box is checked (which I can see after manually loading the program), but the icon does not appear in the menu bar, and the service/process does not self-initiate in the background.

    It’s a great and simple app otherwise. Keep up the good work!

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