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  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if you could tell me something – I think your sync time app is the one that will do this job for me and if so I will buy it:

    I have an iCloud Home folder on my Mac which I use for all my work – and I am always updating and adding documents to this all the time – it’s about 10GB in size.

    I have a back up of this Home folder on a WD External Drive (1TB).

    Every three months I plug the WD External Drive into the Mac to update my backup.

    I want to be able to plug my External Drive into the Mac and update all the files from my Mac Home folder to my External Drive Home folder.

    In other words overwriting all the changes that have taken place in the previous three months.

    Does your Sync Time app do that?



    This doesn’t have to be Automatic. I don’t mind having to run a workflow, etc. Every time I want to do it, but I just want to know if this is possible and if so, how?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes, SyncTime supports this scenario. There’s a free version on the App Store, SyncTime Lite, which allows you to test the functionality of the app and see if the devices you’re using behave correctly in combination with it. On the homepage you also find a workflow for adding a new sync item.

    1. In the Lite version you won’t be able to save and load the sync items, i.e. the settings that define how the files are synced. You would have to recreate them upon each app launch.

  2. After upgrading to MacOS Monterey SyncTime will not open. I click on the app and it seems to attempt to open but nothing happens. Help!

    1. The app hangs if there is a sync item with the same source and destination. I will fix this with the next update.

  3. I use SyncTime to automatically synchronize hard drives with my Synology NAS via SMB as soon as I connect them to the laptop. When I am not at home with my Macbook, I cannot connect to my NAS of course (I cannot then integrate it via SMB). In this case SyncTime does not start. I then constantly get the system message that the NAS cannot be reached. Probably because SyncTime is constantly trying to access the drive in the background – but this is not possible outside of the local network. Only when I have clicked away this message again and again will SyncTime start at some point. It’s very annoying.

    1. If you have set a sync schedule and the system alert appears when the sync should be run automatically, you may want to enable the option “Do not auto-mount involved volumes” in the Advanced tab of the sync item’s settings. You’ll then have to mount the SMB volume manually when you’re back at home, though.

  4. Hello,
    I get the following Error when I am trying to export the sync items:
    “The data couldn’t be written because of an error in the destination for the data.”
    How to change the destination or resolve this issue?

  5. Hi,

    I had synctime in French on my old Mac, but now I installed it on my new Mac, it’s in German

    How do I change language ?

    Best regards

    1. If you prefer to have any app in another language than your system language, you can do so (assuming you’re running macOS 10.15 or later) from the System Settings > Language & Region > Apps tab.

  6. Very good app. But this week I have a problem. SyncTime is not reacting anymore on my mac M1. Last week it was still working. I wonder if it has something to do with the V 3.7. I do not want to reinstall it because then I loose the configuted syncs. Does someone else has this problem?

  7. Since last update of Synctime (pro version) (3.6) the app is now speaking German instead of English.
    how can its be possible to change ?

    1. It seems that you have set German as your system language. If you prefer to have any app in another language than your system language, you can do so (assuming you’re running macOS 10.15 or later) from the System Settings > Language & Region > Apps tab.

  8. Hi good evening,

    I was looking for an app that synchronizes files across different drives in the background and I found SyncTime. I downloaded the lite version for testing. For testing I chose a cloud drive as source and a local directory as target. I set the synchronization to Automatic. When I add a file to the source drive, nothing happens. Only when I start the synchronization manually it works. What is the problem with the automatic synchronization?

    Thanks in advance and many greetings

    1. Setting the sync schedule to Automatic (in the General tab) only tells when to first start a sync (as you can read in the help popover when clicking the ? button). In order to keep syncing in background, you have to enable the corresponding option in the Advanced tab.

        1. The “run in background” setting keeps monitoring for changed files after the main sync has finished, so that you don’t need to do the full comparison of source and destination again for each changed file. I see that it may not be entirely clear, so I’ll try to change the text in the help popover to make it more understandable.

  9. Can I purchase SyncTime directly from you? I had it on my iMac but upon poor advice from Tech Support I changed my Apple ID following some disk corruption. Now I am unable to replace it because of the ID change and can not repurchase it with the App Store showing I already have it.
    One of those weird App Store things that make life difficult. Maybe the only way around it is purchase another copy from you outside the store.
    It’d great program and I’m lost without it.

    1. No, there’s no official way of buying SyncTime outside of the App Store. If you’re having issues with the App Store not letting you download an app and the Apple Support is not able to help you, I would suggest backing up your personal data, doing a fresh install of macOS and manually transferring all your files back.

    1. There is no file size limitation, but if you’re wondering if it does file compression for transmission over the internet or similar, it doesn’t. SyncTime relies on the Finder to read and write files, so it’s up to you to mount everything you need in the Finder. If you are unsure whether SyncTime suits your needs, you can download SyncTime Lite from the App Store. It is free with the only limitation that it won’t restore sync items between launches.

  10. How can I re-add the icon back to the menu bar. I removed it and I see no setting to add it back. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app keeps the same settings. Please help!

  11. Like the app so far! Pretty simple to use.

    Would really love a way to choose the weekday and time for synchronization.

    I have it backing up to my NAS once a week, but it would be awesome if I could choose the day and time. EX: “Every Sunday at 3:00am”

      1. Please, add it. This app seems to be very simple to use but powerful at the same time. It just need a couple of features like this to be exactly like GoodSync and similar but with a simpler, more modern and cleaner layout

  12. Trying out the lite version, when setting to run a script after a sync the option resets to “do nothing” after each sync. Is this normal? Shouldn’t that option be persistent? Or is that just happening because I am using the lite version, I have not quit the app.

    1. Yes, this is the current behaviour. I will add an option in a future release that allows setting a custom script for each sync item when it finishes running.

  13. Hi, I’ve been using SyncTime for a few weeks to backup a music library that I have on a Synology NAS. I’m very happy with the way it works, with one curious exception:

    I’m doing a one way sync, and I have “Remove files not on source” turned on, because sometimes I delete things from the library, as I’m sorting through it, and I want an accurate backup. Sometimes this works as expected… but one day I had it remove about 25% of the files from the backup copy. The next day, it put them back. At that point, I made sure it showed the confirmation page each day. Then came a day where it wanted to remove many more files, I think about 50% of them. So I canceled it so it didn’t run. That night when it was again scheduled to run, it again wanted to delete all those files.

    So, I’ve had to turn off the option to remove files not on source. But I’d like to have it on… Do you know what might be happening?

    I’d understand if it thought the NAS changed something on some files, but then I’d just expect it to overwrite them. But it seems strange for it to delete gigabytes of files one day only to put them back the next. Thanks for any insights you might have.

    Mac OS 10.13.6, SyncTime 3.5

    1. When the issue occurs, if you cannot see the files in the Finder that SyncTime wants to delete, it could be that the internet connection drops at some point during the scan and the files which have not yet been scanned are invisible to the Finder and hence SyncTime as well, or for some other reason the Finder didn’t load those files.

  14. Hi,
    when i start my mac SyncTime is also starting but add. there´s also a windows with all available sync tasks is coming. Is there a possibly to hide this window?
    If also dissemble SyncTime in my account setting.
    Thanks for support.

    1. In the current version you have to use the built-in “Launch SyncTime at login” option in order to correctly hide the app on startup, and you also have to remove it from the login items list of the System Preferences. The next update will allow you to have the login item and have the app hidden on login at the same time, removing the current “Launch at login” menu item.

  15. I bought this Synctime app about a month ago and since day one I have been receiving the following error message daily. How do I fix this? Can you submit a support email address or website so I can submit the error messages when i receive such. I must also mention some of the syncing worked even though i am getting errors. If you need additional info please let me know.
    Today, 2:13:18 PM: Error during scan of “/Volumes/LEXAR/.Spotlight-V100”
    The operation couldn’t be completed. Operation not permittedToday, 2:13:18 PM: Error during scan of “/Volumes/LEXAR/.Spotlight-V100”
    The operation couldn’t be completed. Operation not permitted

  16. It seems almost superfluous to say this as you seem to have 7 years of pretty much solid approval for the SyncTime app in these comments. However, I have been looking for a while to a solution that I can run on M1 chip Macs to undertake complex fail-cover back-ups of material already backed up to iCloud and Time Machine, but for which risk management requires a third line of defence: back-up to NAS. So many back-up and sync products don’t take network, virtual and cloud drives in their stride alongside local memory and allow selective routines. Or if they do, everything gets too complicated. You’ve really achieved something here: a highly flexible and simple little app, that will do complicated routines pretty much intuitively and that you don’t need a manual to learn / administer. Well done.

  17. Is there a way to save/backup Synctime settings? I’m referring to all the tasks I’ve created to sync folders. I’d like to not have to recreate them in the event of my own error, such as editing a task and messing it up. I’d like to be able to get the prior version of a task easily. Thanks!

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