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  1. Hi,
    I’m on macOS 10.13.6 and UFocus 3.6.1

    Show Library command (via shortcut or menubar) causes a crash.
    After the latest version text body is no longer centered in the editor, it is left-aligned.


  2. This is an amazing app in every way—except it crashes every 5 minutes! I’m in the middle of typing and it will suddenly give me the spinning beach ball and I will have to force quit, losing a few sentences of progress. I would use this all the time but I can’t! Please fix! Running OS 10.14.6.

    1. It looks like this crash happens when you enable the Modus > Sounds option and it is possibly a problem with macOS itself. I reported this problem to Apple and they are looking into it.

  3. Hello dev

    Very hopeful to swipe two fingers to open library, but I can’t link anything inside.
    Commands New document and New folder don’t work too.
    Why ? I use 3.5.2 (55)
    Is OS 10.11.6 unable to link because too old ?

    Thanks a lot. Best regards

    1. It looks like you linked a library and then deleted it while the app was closed, so you cannot create any new documents inside it. I will add a warning message in the next update.

  4. Hello.
    Thank you for your good app.

    Some problems.

    1.In typescrolling mode, cursor is slowly slide down from center of document to bottom of document,while input characters…(I think it is not typewriter mode…)

    2.Sometimes Library shows “Empty file.” in spite of saving many paragraph.

    (uFocus version 3.5.1 macos 10.12)


  5. Hi love uFocus, thanks.
    Just wondering if there is an iOS app planned.
    If not could you suggest an editor that I could use on the iPad to edit the files.
    Will be using iCloud to share the folder.
    Thanks again.

    1. I would love to publish an iOS version, but it could still take some time. In the meantime, you can use Pages, which you can download for free on the App Store.

  6. Hi Nicolas,

    I just downloaded uFocus and it was love at first sight.

    As a writer, I am very demanding when it comes to the simplicity and functionality of the apps I use and yours instantly won me.

    I do have some comments as feedback; I will explore the app some more and gather them together in a way that they make sense, before I push them to you.

    Until then, I have a crash report for you. Ironically, the app crashed as I was writing the feedback 🙂

    The report is the standard “Send to Apple?” dialogue. I don’t think this form allows me to paste all of it. Can you email me? I will attach it on my reply.

    Keep up the good work!
    Giannis G. Georgiou

  7. Great clean software. Is there any way to sort the Library by Date added, DESC? Then use it as a journal tool?


  8. Two things that keep me flipping between uFocus and other editors (FocusWriter among them):

    1) I’d like to be able to choose the display typeface.
    2) I’d like a shortcut for moving a line up/down.

    1) is a personal quirk whereby I’ve found my writing is soooo much better when I use an authentic-looking typewriter font (not Courier). Note, this is not the printing font, but solely the one I see in the editor window. (I told you it was a quirk).
    2) is essential for many of us that come from ‘power user’ editors like Vi, Emacs, TextMate etc. You have ctrl-A/E/K which is great. Just one more would be a real boon.

    1. Hi, I think i found a bug, while creating a new document, right around 2540 characters, the application blocks and never recovers.

      It has happened twice, and it hasn’t happened while editing documents or if I save the file before reaching that mark.

      Hope you can try it and maybe replicate the error.

      Thanks a lot for such an excellent app.

      Best regards


    2. Hi Nicolas
      Many thanks for uFocus. Exactly what I needed. Love the typewriter quality/simulation. Just one suggestion for a smaller/thinner curser rather than the blue one. But I am a dedicated uFocus user from here on in. Thanks again!

      1. Because the cursor doesn’t blink, it will not be as easy finding it on screen if it is the same color as the text.

    1. The cursor position is only restored if you have your Mac globally enabled to restore application windows. In order to restore application windows when quitting and reopening an application, you have to disable the option “Close windows when quitting an app” in the General tab of the System Settings.

      Alternatively, you can quit uFocus by selecting the menu “uFocus > Quit and Keep Windows” while holding down the Alt/Option key. On the next start, the windows and their state (including the cursor position) will be restored.

  9. Hello,

    Thanks for your apps! It’s really great! And you can make it better 😉

    I would like to edit *.md files with uFocus, but I have an error message when I try to open such type of files in the editor =(

    1. It seems like some systems do not correctly recognise Markdown documents. The next update will fix this problem.

  10. Hi,

    when pressing NEW DOCUMENT there is now an error message saying “ERROR WHILE CREATING (NULL)”.

    I tried to reinstall ufocus and install newest updates from OSX but the message still appears.
    Any ideas for help?


    1. This issue happens when you select “Library > New document” even though you didn’t select a library. This menu item will be disabled in this case in the next update.

  11. Hi there,
    I love your app, uFocus, very much. It’s light, fast, simple.
    I am using it everyday now since I’ve found your app.

    However, I’ve found a “bug”, every time I resize and move the window of the app to what and where I want, then I leave and reopen the app, it goes to default again.

    Is this what you intend to design? Or can you add a option to disable it?


  12. I love uFocus! I left a 5 star review on v3.2.2. One feature request: Could you make the active text (aka:highlighted) and dormant text shades of amber or user assignable? Thanks and keep up the great work!

    1. I’m afraid making the text color user assignable would be a distraction and when lowering the brightness even further the text would not be readable anymore in bright environments. If the automatic screen brightness of your Mac doesn’t suit to you, I would suggest lowering it manually.

  13. I’m working on a document that’s about 90 pages. 2016 macbook pro. Pretty peppy. It seems that the longer the document has gotten theres a small delay when typing and deleting. When I type it is not registered instantaneously on the screen.

    I love ufocus. It’s terrific. But this slowdown is a problem. Any ideas?


  14. Hello, I’m not sure that this function exists in uFocus, but making disappear the code (“**” or even “_”) which emphasizes the text (with an option in the menu, for example) could improve the aspect of documents !

    And thanks a lot for your app !

    1. There is no in-app preview, but when you print the document you can enable the option “Apply Markdown” in the print panel.

  15. Feature request : have you considered adding a search field to find files in the library ? That would make uFocus a real alternative to nvALT.


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