Easily manage subtitles in the SubRip (.srt) file format. Import plain text as subtitles, with empty lines representing boundaries.

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To unlock the full potential of Underword, select a video to show alongside the editor. The subtitles will be automatically shown on top of it. If you can open the video in QuickTime, you can open it in Underword.

The timeline view allows you to resize and rearrange subtitles with intuitive gestures. Dragged subtitle boundaries automatically snap to the timeline cursor and at a distance of 2 empty frames to other subtitles. Menu commands with keyboard shortcuts let you set the start or end time of the selected subtitle to the current video time. When setting the end time of the selected subtitle, the next subtitle is selected automatically, allowing you to adjust as many subtitles as you need in a single run.

The table view allows to precisely control all the subtitles‘ attributes with manual text input. While editing a subtitle’s text, you can split it at the text cursor position and have the durations of the resulting two subtitles automatically set. For an in-depth explanation of how the timeline, table view and video player work together, see Editing tools.

I created Underword because that‘s what I was searching for when creating subtitles for my own videos, but couldn‘t find an app that was easy to use, affordable and up to date. If you have any problem to report or a suggestion for a new feature, I’m always happy to help!