Localiji manages a local copy of your app localizations from App Store Connect and allows you to effortlessly sync the changes. Edit individual attributes, like your app’s description, release notes or screenshots. Export an entire language, import the translations again and upload them to App Store Connect with only a few clicks.

Download on the Mac App Store

You can initialize a Localiji document by downloading the existing data from App Store Connect, or create an empty document to fill manually. Add new languages directly within the app, or add them in App Store Connect and download them to your Localiji document.

Edit the localizations for app name, subtitle, description, keywords, release notes, promotional text, screenshots, previews, in-app purchases, subscriptions, custom product pages and in-app events within the app, or export your base language’s data as a collection of plain text and JSON files, images and videos to be handed over to a translation service.

When you get back the completed translations, you can import them without effort…

… and upload them all at once to App Store Connect.

A Localiji document is a file package containing all languages, each one saved in the same format used for export. To navigate the straightforward project structure, simply right-click the document in the Finder and select Show Package Contents. You can edit the individual text and media files in your favorite editor or resort to symbolic links to use your base language as the default for other languages’ selected files, such as the What’s new text. If you generate your app screenshots programmatically, simply adapt your script to place the generated images into each language’s subdirectory in the Localiji document.

Localiji works with the App Store Connect API and supports one or more API keys. To generate an API key, visit the App Store Connect website, section Users & Roles > Keys.

For a complete tour of a sample workflow, see Localization workflow.

I created Localiji because I wanted to optimize the update and localization process in App Store Connect. If you have any problem to report or a suggestion for a new feature, I’m always happy to help!