Disk Graph

Disk Graph allows you to inspect your disk and easily find the files that take away most of your disk space.

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You can select any directory reachable in the Finder: it may be on your local machine, an external drive or a remote server. Each circle in the resulting pie graph represents one level of the directory hierarchy. By default, files inside a directory are sorted by size.

By moving the mouse over one of the colored sections, the name of the file and its size is displayed. The file size is proportional to the section size. You can freely navigate inside the graph: clicking on a directory makes it float to the center for a better view of its contents.

The search field allows you to find a file inside the current directory. If you need more precise control over the list of files, just toggle the outline view. From the File or context menu you can show a file in the Finder or move it directly to the bin.

In the main window you can save your favorite directories and drives to be accessed with one click.

I designed Disk Graph in order to be fun and easy to use. If you have any problem to report or a suggestion for a new feature, I’m always happy to help!