Size Mode

By default, files are sorted clockwise by decreasing file size. From the View menu, you can set a different Size Mode.


The default. You can quickly find files that take away most of your disk space.

Size on Disk

When opening an ordinary directory, this setting will produce a similar display as for Size (since usually there is only a small difference between the file size and the file size on disk, or allocated file size). When scanning a directory managed by a cloud service, this setting will effectively hide all those files that are not downloaded locally (since their allocated file size is 0 bytes).

Child Count

Directories are sorted by the number of subfiles, followed by all the regular files sorted in alphabetical order. Having a lot of files may slow down some operations: for example, copying a directory containing many files is often slower than copying a directory with less files but the same overall size. With this sort mode you can quickly find such slow directories which you may want to exclude from a periodic copy operation or backup.