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If you want to report a problem or would like to see a new feature in the next version of Witgui, write a comment on this page. Every suggestion is welcome!

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  1. Hi, I deleted all my 79 games and chose verify. Then I went out for the afternoon. When I cam back, I was greeted with the message „this game seems corrupt“ (can’t remember the exact words) but it did not tell me which game out of the 79 games. It would be great if there could be a column in the user interface that displayed the status of each game (tick for verified, cross for corrupt/unverified). Thanks! Really nice app.

  2. Hi,

    I am using OS X Yosemite and I can’t mount any partition from witgui.
    My key is properly connected and formatted in FAT32.

    I tried the CHMOD thing and also answered Yes in witgui to give admin access to wwt, but without any success. Witgui always displays 0 disk(s)/partition(s).
    I also tried to start witgui from the command line to see any error or exception, but can’t find any. The only text displayed in the console seems to be some output from wwt itself about program version.

    Any chance my OS version could be the root cause of this issue? If so, will be really sad as I can’t upgrade because too many licenses to buy again 🙁
    Tell me if I can give a hand in any way to fix this.

    Thanks for your work 🙂

  3. Hi and thanks for your efforts!
    Got this issue: version 2.2.8 on High Sierra, USB disk 500GB. I erased the partition as you suggest (Mac OS Extended – journaled), then I used Witgui to format WBFS. All well, the destination window gets shown. In the source window I list the games I have in a folder (they’re in subfolders and are already .wbfs files). When I drag-n-drop them, nothing happens.
    What am I doing wrong?

  4. So it seems in the latest version of witgui and latest osx I cannot actually drag games out of the witgui window when using wigui as the source window… shame because I used this extensively before.

    Also noticed that the app doesn’t populate the window with games on initial folder selection, requires pressing the refresh button first.

    Also noticed choosing a folder, closing it, and choosing the same folder again doesn’t bring up the window anymore.

    Too many bugs to be dependable anymore, used to love it ): Would love to see it restored to original glory, that’s why I’m leaving this comment. Thank you for all your hard work.

  5. hello first of all thanks for this great app, the best for osX!
    i have a bug to report:
    – in fat32 names shouldn’t include some specific symbols, the app should recognize those chars on the game names and cut them off while naming stuff. now the app just gives an importing error and that’s it

    and i also have few feature suggestions:
    – an option to save naming patterns
    – a panel to configure the hd paths structure: like wii games in /wbfs, gc games /games

    1. Yes, FAT32 only supports a limited range of characters. For the moment being, if you encounter a conversion/renaming error make sure to validate the title of the game or any other game detail which may contain strange characters.

        1. 1) Open the Disk Utility (in /Applications/Utilities).
          2) Select your USB drive and click on the Erase button in the toolbar.
          3) Make sure you select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and GUID Partition Table, then click on Erase to confirm.
          4) Now you can click on the Partition button in the toolbar to add some more partitions.

  6. Thank you very much for this app!!! It’s fantastic.
    This is my problem: I have one Witgui 2.2.6 installation on El Capitan and when I open database to browse it I find also italian titles. Another installation of witgui 2.2.6 on Sierra and when I open database the italian titles are miss. The two database are updated.
    One examples if I search croods on database:

    El Capinat results:
    – DreamWorks The Croods: Prehistoric Party! & Rise …
    – The Croods: Prehistoric Party!
    – I Croods: Festa Preistorica!

    Sierra results:
    – DreamWorks The Croods: Prehistoric Party! & Rise …
    – The Croods: Prehistoric Party!
    – The Croods: Prehistoric Party!

    There are two times in english.
    Thank you for the help.

    1. Subfolder searching can be enabled from the options in the Open panel. Dropping folder onto the Quick Start window to open them will be added to the next update.

  7. Thank you so much for maintaining this amazing application. It is very much appreciated.

    I have one question. I see all the covers when browsing in witgui but when I browse the games in the USB loader on the wii before choosing a game to play, the covers are not there, only a bland image and fortunately the name of the game.

    Anyway to have witgui sync the cover art so it is saved on the hard drive? Or am I doing something wrong perhaps 🙂

    1. The covers that you see in the app are downloaded from the internet and are saved locally on your Mac, they cannot be saved in the games directly. If you want to see the covers in your USB Loader, you should make sure that you have an internet connection on the Wii and the loader supports downloading the covers.

      1. Thanks a lot for the fast reply. Good to know so I do not loose time trying to find an option in the app that does not exist 🙂

        Again, great work with the tool.

  8. Hi, using WitGUI for WII ISOs and wbfs files works great. However, whenever I try to copy over a Gamecube ISO to my wbfs-formatted USB stick, it looks successful in WitGUI but on USBLoaderGX on the Wii these games always show up in the list with no title or details, and won’t load. Any suggestions? Are GC games meant to go on the wbfs partition? Thanks!

  9. Is it possible to export scrubbed gamecube ISO files? The exported ISO files are now always 4.7GB. When i’m using windows tools the gamecube ISO’s are a lot smaller (1.46 GB)

    1. ISO images will always occupy 4.7 GB when created with wit. You can use a WBFS partition or save the games in the wbfs format, which takes care of scrubbing automatically.

    1. To open a FAT partition or any other partition that is visible in the Finder, please select the „Folder“ button in the Quick Start window ant not the „WBFS partition“ button.

  10. Hi! Thanks for your great little programm. Works like a charm. I have one question: I want to transfer my games to a bigger drive cause I ran out of space. Is it possible to copy files from one drive to another?

  11. I have games on a FAT-32 formatted external drive, using El Capitan. Every time I open witgui or I refresh the list I get a popup error:

    ‚/Volumes/WIIHDD/wbfs‘ could not be opened correctly.
    If you have ‚Search in subdirectories‘ checked on the Open panel, try to disable it. If the problem persists, make sure you have the privileges to read this file and that you are not following a broken link.

    I do have „Search in subdirectories“ checked as each game is in its own directory. If I uncheck that I see no games. However with it checked it lists all the games fine and I can add new ones without a problem, so I don’t know if the error is genuine.

    Also please change the alphabetical ordering to be case insensitive. „de Blob“ for example is at the end of my list, right after Zack & Wiki.

    1. Probably the game wasn’t ripped correctly. You can try the following:
      1) Open the Console (in /Applications/Utilities)
      2) Type „Witgui“ in the search field
      3) Look for a double exclamation mark (!!) which usually marks an error message.

  12. hi thanks great job wonderful tool my thing is i would like to select all folders hard drive and view all games in one windows and back up the hard drive to another dont know if this is already done in the software if it is dont know how to do it thanks

  13. Sooooo. After some mucking about I have the games displayed in witgui interface. And I have an iso on my desktop. I drag iso to interface and a green plus shows up. I release finger from mouse, and it pops back to origin and no copy to witgui. So a big HUH?? Was a WBFS user til 3 years ago and now trying to add games and pass on drive to Daughter.

    1. In Witgui, you also have to install wit in order to add games to a WBFS partition (wwt is not enough). There will be an alert in the next update in case you haven’t installed wit.

  14. I just bought I new external HD to use with my Wii and I want to free the older one. But I can’t seem to be able to copy the games between a WBFS HD to the other.
    The only workaround I found was to copy a game from one WBFS HD to my computer, then from my computer to the new WBFS HD…

  15. Witgui cant found the disk, only when i tried to give format to it. So i ned to format the disk before I can upload some games to the disk, it doesnt work in antoher way.

      1. Hi All,
        Many thanks for the great piece of software – I am just reporting what I think to be the same issue as Isaac: witgui only recognizes my drive if I format it first. I can not just add an iso to the hdd, I always need to format, and recopy all to the drive.
        I am running El Captain 10.11.2 – I only used witgui and I am operating under the case by case sudo access method (which works apparently properly to format the drive)
        Hope you can help me manage the drive more efficiently! thanks anyway

        1. The cause of this issue couldn’t be identified yet, but in update 2.2.4 Witgui will use an alternative method of finding partitions which should always work.

  16. I formatted my USB with Witgui but now my MAC doesn’t recognise it. As soon as I plug it in I receive a message that my USB cannot be read by the computer. I can access it to see the game that I have installed but that’s about it. The problem is that I haven’t installed USB Loader or anything and I cannot run the game from it. Basically my brand new USB is now useless. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

    1. Once a partition is WBFS formatted, you can make it readable by Mac again by using the Disk Utility (in /Applications/Utilities), selecting your drive and formatting as either FAT or HFS+. Please make sure that you know what you do before formatting a drive, since this could erase any other data present on it.

    2. Don’t worry. If you format to read games, MAC will not read it. To use on the wii you need to set up with home-brew then USB loader (or such) on the wii. Then you can plug in drive and good to go.

  17. Hi, i just downloaded the last update and it won’t let me drag and drop a game from one partition to another, is there a new way to transfer/convert a game?

    thanks 🙂

    1. There is a bug in version 2.2.2 where you can only drag games to the lower left corner of a window when in icon view mode. This will be fixed in the next update.

  18. Hi There,

    thanks for the great tool,
    What would be the Terminal command if you want to revert enable root for everyone please. I am afraid this was the only way to upload the games. I would like to revert the process if I can. Please help

    1. In my experience, it is necessary to make wwt executable as root to add games to WBFS partitions. If you want to undo this action, you can just download wwt again from the File menu.

  19. When opening my WBFS partitioned drive, it opens the appropriate window, loads the games for about 2 seconds, then crashes. I have been using the same drive for about a week now and suddenly have this problem.

    1. Just wanted to say I’m experiencing the same thing. The WBFS partitioned disk worked fine yesterday and today crashes as soon as I try to open it. The only thing I can think of that I did different since the last time I used that disk was I used the witgui feature of created a WBFS partition on a different disk.

  20. Using 2.2

    Cannot convert from iso to wbfs file when output name scheme is the default „*title* [*id*]/*id*“. I can when I convert straight to „*id*“, so it seems like WitGui is not able to create the intermediate folder.

  21. Hi, I receive an error when trying to transfer or rename with the „title [id]/id“ preset. It just says „1 file(s) could not be renamed“

  22. Hi,

    wit and wwt update seems to not work. After update, here the version in Application Support :
    wit: Wiimms ISO Tool v2.10a r4118 mac – Dirk Clemens – 2012-10-10
    wwt: Wiimms WBFS Tool v2.27a r4908 mac – Dirk Clemens – 2014-01-31

    But the last version is :
    wit: Wiimms ISO Tool v2.31a r6005 mac – Dirk Clemens – 2015-02-08
    wwt: Wiimms WBFS Tool v2.31a r6005 mac – Dirk Clemens – 2015-02-08


  23. When I try and drag a file from the database to the partition, the file will not drag. I can only highlight it. I am using mac osx 10.9.5, and the latest install of witgui.

  24. Hi !

    Thank you for the app. 🙂
    I’m using Mac OSX Yosemite (10.10.1) and I can’t download wit or wtt from the app : everytime I click on File>download wit/wtt, I have an „Unzip failed“ error. :/
    Any idea on how I could solve that ? Even manually ?
    Of course, I have the latest version of the App and Xcode.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. You can manually download wit or wwt and put it into the folder /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Witgui. You can simply create any missing directories. To enter the hidden /Users/yourusername/Library directory in the Finder, open the menu Go To, keep the alt/opt key pressed and select the new entry Library.

  25. When I open an ISO file this is what I get „If you have ‚Search in subdirectories‘ checked on the Open panel, try to disable it. If the problem persists, make sure you have the privileges to read this file and that you are not following a broken link.“ I tried everything I could but the results still the same

    1. The error message you get could be shown when one of the loaded games is corrupt. You can check this with the Console app (which you can find in /Applications/Utilities): just search for „Witgui“ in the top right search field and read through the messages that you get. If you find that some game causes an error, usually removing it from the list solves the problem.

    1. Sorry for this bug, with the new 2.1.3 version this shouldn’t happen anymore. Users who downloaded 2.1.3 before 21:10 GT should download/update it again.

  26. Hi there,

    LOVE witgui and it works really well in some ways. I AM having a bit of a problem though, not sure if it’s a bug. I can format my usb drive and initially transfer games onto it and it works fine. BUT, after I use it then plug it back in (and use the sudo 666 command in terminal), it recognizes the drive, but when I try and open it it says:

    ‘/dev/rdisk1’ could not be opened correctly.

    It won’t allow me to add more games, nor will it show what’s on the drive. Wondering what’s going on. Thanks!

    P.S. I’m running the latest version of Mavericks OSX


    1. There is now an option in version 2.1.3 which allows to use /disk instead of /rdisk when opening a WBFS partitions (you can find that option in the Preferences panel). /disk was used automatically when formatting a partition to WBFS, but /rdisk was default when opening one normally.

  27. Mac OSX 10.9.1
    WitGui 2.1.2

    There is a strange issue on my iMac….when I try to convert a game listed in the Witgui window (dragging into a desktop folder called wbfs) it only works if I select the „list view“, not the „thumbnail view“.

    In fact on the thumbnail view I can drop the game into another folder, but it won’t prompt the „convert box“ with the options (name, split etc).



  28. Witgui doesn’t recognize my WBFS Drive on Mavericks, but it does recognize on Mountain Lion. Is there something I can do to make the drive recognisable on Mavericks?

  29. — Would like to choose the icon style for the art work (I prefer the ‚Flat‘ boxed art) with in the program and the QuickLook plugin in Finder.
    — Make the windows integrated instead of having separate windows.

    Thanks for the OSX support! Great Job!

  30. Could you please add the option to disable being asked if I want to ‚Keep only DATA and CHANNEL partitions‘ every time I copy a game? It gets annoying when i have to copy hundreds of games.. Also a thumbnail view would be great. I love to be able to see the game cover art in the list but the images are TINY.
    Love the program, been using it for over a year. I appreciate it a lot! oxoxox

  31. Hi

    I used Witgui 2.0 back on Lion to create a few WBFS files. Worked great. The resulting files had lovely game specific Mac icons.

    I just used Witgui 2.0.4 on Mountain Lion to create a WBFS file and there was no icon on the resulting file. I’ve tried it a few times now and each time the file is created – but there’s no icon. PS. I’ve downloaded all the supporting files to work with Witgui from the file menu

    Also. Once a conversion is completed, the progress bar still shows there’s a small section to go. The pop up window says it’s complete but the hover menu has an incomplete progress bar.

    An icon fix would be great if possible. Thanks!

  32. I have a problem with witgui. WIT, WWT and WitGui are all updated fully, but whenever I make an attempt to drag over an ISO game to convert it to WBFS, it snaps the copy icon back to its original place, meaning it wont convert it.

    1. Games (or their parent folders) have to be opened in Witgui in order to be dragged/converted. It won’t work to simply drag games from the Finder to an open Witgui window.

  33. I’m in a Mac and every time I connect my drive I enter the sudo chmod 666 /dev/ in the terminal so that witgui recognizes the drive but everytime try to open “WBFS partition” it doesn’t recognize it, it can only access to it by entering “Format as WBFS” so every time I connect my drive I have to format my partition and transfer every game I have and it just takes to long, do you know how can I make it be recognizable every time I connect my drive after the sudo command?

  34. I have Witgui installed on my Mac. 10.8.4. I have a USB hard drive formatted as FAT32 with a wbfs folder at the root. I cannot get Witgui to see my drive! I’ve tried all the Terminal tricks listed in the help section to no avail. Any suggestions??

    1. While WBFS partitions are to be opened by clicking on „Open WBFS partition“, FAT, NTFS and all other kinds of partitions are only readable by clicking on „Open Folder“.

  35. Simple, eficaz… Sin complicaciones.

    La herramienta perfecta para volcar mis juegos al HDD, aunque como estaba empezando haya preferido formatear el HDD a WBFS ya que lo tenia en NTFS.

  36. Mac 10.8.4
    Witgui 2.0.4

    The game titled „The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Master Quest“ for Gamecube has a „/“ in the title and this causes the game to become sub folder-ed every time i allow the program to rename all games in an entire directory while selecting the naming scheme „Title [id]“.

    could you possibly change the flag for auto folder-ing in the title, also since „/“ is a valid character in Mac OSX wouldn’t it be best to use an invalid character as means for a folder indicator?

  37. Another request: when adding an iso/wbfs to a WBFS partition, it should be an option to copy only the DATA and CHANNEL partitions. By leaving out the UPDATE and some extra unnecessary partitions, it saves some space.

    This can be done using: „wwt add –psel data,chan game.iso“

  38. Could you add the option to verify an ISO/WBFS file? WIT already supports this and it would be great to have something like right clicking a file and choosing verify. Thanks a lot!

  39. When adding games to my WBFS partition in my external HDD, the copy is too slow. Currently it averages 9 MiB/s. When I used to run qwbfsmanager, it used to reach 25 MiB/s…

    I have no plans to depart from Witgui, but having to wait three times longer to add a game gets on my nerves! Do you have any idea what the problem might be? Thanks for the great program!

    1. As you pointed out, the slow write operation is due to using /dev/disk instead of /dev/rdisk. This change will be implemented in the next version of Witgui.

    1. If unchecking the „Deep search“ option doesn’t solve your problem, you could try running Witgui from the Terminal (just drag the file /Applications/Witgui.app/Contents/MacOS/Witgui to a Terminal window and press Return) and analyze the output you get. If you find a double exclamation mark („!!“) somewhere, it’s likely that you have a corrupt game file in that folder. Trying to convert this corrupt game to the same format might solve the problem.

  40. I already have the latest Wiimms ISO Tools installed to /usr/local/bin as I have been using them from the command line for some time. I should not have to download a separate copy just for Witgui. It would be good for Witgui to detect the binaries (wwt, wit) in /usr/local/bin and use those.

  41. i’m on osx 10.8.3, i’ve followed all the steps, witgui works for open a source, but when i clic on „WBFS partition“ it let me choose my disk „1.(null) (250 GB)“ unfortunately when i press ok, it doesn’t open the window and seems to do nothing… Any idea of what is the problem ?

    1. You could try to run Witgui from the Terminal (simply drag the file /Applications/Witgui/Contents/MacOS/Witgui to the Terminal window and press Return) and send me the output you get. If you are able to deduce yourself from the output that the problem is on wit, you can write on this forum.

  42. I keep getting an error now when I use the following options:

    The error I get is:

    An error has been detected while converting ‚.iso‘ to ‚.wbfs‘.
    Please make sure that the source file is not corrupted and that the destination drive has enough free space.

    I just put because it happens for pretty much any game whenever I use the new / separator. I know that the files are not corrupted and that I have enough space because it works just fine when I just use *id* or *title* and because I have over 1TB free on that drive. By the way, I’m converting files from one directory to another on the same external drive (so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it).

  43. In addition to what is already there, It would be nice if we could choose some of the preset naming conventions that the USB loaders look for.

    For example:
    * GAMEID.ext
    * Title [GAMEID].ext
    * Title [GAMEID]GAMEID.ext
    * GAMEID_TitleGAMEID.ext

    OR, to be able to give a custom name to the folder AND the file.

  44. Hello,

    I have an already formated wbfs drive that was done under windows and works great in the wii.

    I would like now to save more games into it using witgui which looks a great option for mac. The problem is that it doesn’t recognize my drive. What should I do ? I already went through the steps you put on help but still it doesn’t recognise it :(((

    Any suggestions? Please help!!


  45. wwt was unable to access my partitions.
    I had to give the wwt binary correct permissions top to fix this.

    sudo chown root:wheel ~/Library/Application Support/Witgui/wwt
    sudo chmod u+s ~/Library/Application Support/Witgui/wwt

  46. Hy all,

    Many thank for the autor(s) of this very great tool (the best i’ve tested on Mac OS).
    Could you add the „language“ tag in the droplist for naming in the convert box ? actuelly i name my backup as „TITLE (LANGUAGE) [ID]“

    Thanks in advance.
    Is it possible to maintain builds for snow leopard ?

  47. Any chance software could update its wit core? There have been numerous progress on wit core: is it safe to replace wit binary inside Witgui.app/Contents/Resources/ ?
    Thanks a lot for the effort that saves figuring-out command-lines.

    1. It should be safe at the moment, but this is not guaranteed to work in future releases. If you have 2.0 or later the most secure way is to download any update from the File menu.

  48. I would really like to see gamecube .iso support… if it’s already there then I’m an idiot. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get the disk ID’s for the games I have backed up on my computer.

  49. i will surely make a donation when WBFS hard drive are supported, your software seems really cool, but i dont want to format my full 500 Gb hard drive in FAT 32 to test it now ^^

    thats a great start anyway

    1. Manage the HD yourself. This tool is great, and it does what it needs to really…
      I do think that if when you „zap“ and iso into a wbfs, it would be awesome if a folder was created. Such as „Game[diskID]“
      It would save a lot of hassle, and would work great… not sure if all USB loaders read wbfs that way though.

      1. As not all USB Loaders support that format, I prefer not to add such an option. You can still download the game database from your USB Loader to display game titles etc.

  50. This is just what I was looking for after using „Wii Backup Fusion“ (An excellent program, but for some reason it doesn’t appear to use GameTDB.com for its titles, so screws them up a lot).

    I would humbly request the following:

    1) The ability to handle more than 150 or so files. At the moment I am having to move 100-games at a time into a ‚temp‘ folder to use your program to correct their titles – If I point it to the (NTFS) drive containing all 600 the program just hangs (Left it for over 2-hours) – 2010 iMac – Lion OS.

    2) When replacing the ‚:‘ character in the GameTDB.com filenames, please use ‚-‚ and not ‚/‘ – If I have to use this drive later on a Windoze machine I’m sure that the slash will make it choke! 🙂

    3) Please don’t allow question marks (?) ie: SLWE41 Where’s Waldo? or other illegal/questionable characters in filenames – ie: RWAU78 (Wall*E). They could all be replaced with ‚-‚.

    4) Most backup S/W I’ve used puts the ID inside square brackets. That would be a nice option for your S/W too. ie: [RW123].

    Many thanks for this great program! (And for not leaving us Mac guys out in the cold! 🙂 ). As soon as I find your ‚Donate via PayPal‘ button I’ll be sending some reddies.

    Cheers and thanks again!

    1. I’m experiencing some strange issues while trying to add WBFS partition support to Witgui. As soon as I get it I’ll of course handle special characters and try to fix that issue with the limited number of games.

  51. Witgui is simple and clean. I love the batch renaming. Formating a drive to wbfs and possibly syncing to it would be a great addition. Currently, I had to format the drive with an app for windows (virtual install) and then use wii backup fusion to sync it to wbfs. I like the convert iso/wbfs, but adding a possibility to just split or join a file and retain the same format would be nice.

    Thanks for the great app. I would donate 5$ if the paypal link was tied to an address! Shoot me an email when its resolved and a beer or two is on me. 🙂

  52. Could NTFS support be added to the next release? Basically the games load fine when on my MBP system volume, but when I transfer them to the NTFS USB HDD, the list of games available is pretty much 0 (a few games are listed for some reason, but most aren’t). Oh and NTFS support on my Snow Leopard MBP is run via NTFS-3G if that could help.

      1. Interesting – I’ve not tried many games, but the three that I did transferred Ok to my NTFS drive. USBLoader_GX picked them up.

        Note: There seems to be a limit on the number of games at the moment (<100) are you trying to move more in one-hit? – I was doing them one-by-one and from ISO to WBFS (With destination as the NTFS drive).

        OSX Lion, Western Digital 1TB, Tuxera NTFS driver.

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