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    1. Files removed from a WBFS partition might be recoverable using the appropriate menu command, but normal files are not stored and not recoverable.

  1. I have several WBFS drives that previously worked fine but that are no longer being recognized by Witgui… How do I resolve this? It seems to have happened since my Mac OS updated to 10.15.6 (Catalina)… Please help

  2. I have recently switched from Windows to MacOS and have been recommended to use WITGUI by other Mac users online. So far I am very happy with the GUI.

    I do however need some help converting WBFS files from my MacBook to an External HDD. Previously with Wii Backup Manager on Windows, the application would automatically create a WBFS folder (if not available) on the root of the destination drive and each game conversation would be created within its very own sub folder inside the WBFS folder. I have noticed that WITGUI does not apply this during conversion. I have noted that there are presets for renaming the files which is great but nothing otherwise on creating game folders within the WBFS root folder on HDD. Am I missing something? I did follow the steps provided in the guide. Thanks for support. Stay safe and healthy.

    1. In the panel where you enter the filename for the converted game, you can make use of the “/” character to create folders.

  3. Hello how are you
    Im asking for help with an error code i keep getting.
    Th error code is ERROR #84
    i aint sure if its the iso im using or my computer

  4. I’m trying to split .wbfs files larger than 4GB, and load them onto a fat32 file system. Whenever I choose the 4GB option in Witgui, I find that the first file is split to 4.36GB (approx). This files size is just small enough to be successfully loaded onto a fat32 file system, but when I try to play the split file, the screen goes black and returns to my Wii system menu. However, if I choose the 1GB split option, the game will load fine on my Wii. This seems to be a flaw in the Witgui program, as 4GB split files should actually be of that size (or smaller). Is this behavior indeed a flaw, or is it intentional? Thank your this program and your support btw. Despite this one flaw, Witgui is an excellent solution for Mac users wanting to modify their WBFS files, and I will point Mac users in this direction whenever the issue arises.

    On a side note for any users experiencing this same problem; one can also partition a disk drive with one partition fat32 (for file sizes below 4GB), and another partition NTFS (for file sizes above 4GB), a setup which is working flawlessly for me so far.

    1. No, sorry, this format is currently not supported by the wit tool so it will not be supported by Witgui either.

  5. Hello,
    I am having some issue with a an iso game which can not launch on my WII.
    It is correctly listed in my WBFS partition (though it is only 268MB compared to the 4.7 GB of the iso version) but when I try to launch it is blocks at the very beginning.

    Do you think it is the game that is corrupted or does it come from my wii setup?

    Thanks in advance for your help

    1. I’m sorry but I cannot help with issues related to games not working on your Wii. You should contact the developers of the software you use to run them on the Wii. (WBFS partitions have storage optimization which is why the game is usually smaller than the iso file.)

  6. Hi
    Im using Witgui for several years and sometimes when i open it to upload new games into de WBFS partition it shows “0 WBFS partitions found”, but when it happens just update database, wit and wwt… So far it has worked well.
    Now its happening again but when i try to update wit and wwt a message shows “A server with the specified hostname could not be found”… so i can’t fix it.
    What do i do then?

    1. Please make sure you’re using the most recent update. Last year the server where those files are hosted was changed so the old versions still point to the wrong server.

        1. Snow Leopard is a very old system and there haven’t been any updates for a long time. Unfortunately you will have to use the newest version which runs on macOS Lion and newer.

  7. I have an external disk I already use with the wii with backups on. No problem. I plug it into my mac and can see directory structure and files. When I run WitGui though and click WBFS Partition button though the window that pops up says 0 WBFS partitions found.

    I don’t want to format it as I already use it ok on my Wii – any ideas what the problem might be.
    Im running MBP Mac OS Catalina

    1. It says 0 WBFS partitions because that’s not a WBFS partition. If you can see the directory structure in the Finder, then you have to click on Open Folder instead of Open WBFS Partition.

  8. In witgui in my macbook air , it doesn´t want to format my usb (fat 32) into wbfs, it says: it doesnt have permission or something like that

  9. Hi,

    First Thank you for your great GUI, I’ve used it for a few years but after upgrading to Catalina I’m having the following error:

    !! wit: ERROR #126 [FATAL ERROR] in wd_read_part() @ src/libwbfs/wiidisc.c#865

    I get this error as soon as I open my GameCube folder. Wii folder shows fine.

    This seems to be a problem with the WIT 3.02 version. So I tried installing 30.1 from ZSH but no luck so far.


    Anyway to fix this? Thank you in advance!

  10. Hi, I have been running into issue after issue with WitGui, all which I’ve been able to resolve except for this one. Once I open the folder containing my ISO’s, they show as expected with the artwork and the ISO/GC tag. The problem is – I cannot successfully drag them into the WitGUI window for my WBFS 1TB hd. I receive the error:
    “An error has occurred while adding X.iso to the WBFS partition Y. Please make sure that the source file is not corrupted and that the destination drive has enough free space.”

    This hd has 1TB free with nothing on it. The games are in ISO format, extracted using unarchiver from .7z.. I also am not able to verify any game. I receive this error message:
    “The game seems to be corrupted. !! wit: ERROR #30 [WRONG FILE TYPE] in SourceIteratorHelper() @ src/lib-sf.c#6052
    !! Wii ISO image expected: /Users/postlapsaria/Desktop/ROMs/GC/007 –
    !! Everything or Nothing (USA).iso
    ! wit: No valid source file found.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  11. hello,
    how to use Witgui, I have the latest Mac OS Catarina and I download the Witgui file but when I click on folder or bfs partition I got the message wit file is not install. I don’t understand because any button to click for downloading or install.

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