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If you want to report a problem or suggest a new feature for the next version of Localiji, please write a comment on this page. Every feedback is welcome!

In case you’re writing about an issue you’ve encountered, please have a look at the Help topics first, which may already have an answer for you.

Your name and your comment can be made public so that other users can profit as well. Your email will only be used to message you privately. Your comment won’t be published right away, but every single one will be taken care of as soon as possible.

6 Replies to “Localiji Contact”

  1. Also, I have a deal breaker here: “/test.localiji/Languages/de-DE/App Store Versions/iOS App/App screenshot sets/iPhone 5.5″ Display”

    Why you added a double quotation mark into a folder path? Now I have problems with SourceTree – I can’t add those files into index or commit them! It’s very bad practice to add ” into a folders paths overall!

    1. I can confirm that SourceTree doesn’t handle double quotation marks well, although I’ve personally stopped using it a couple months ago because it has some other bugs that prevent me from using it. You shouldn’t blame it on Localiji: both git from Terminal and Xcode can handle these kind of files, so I guess you should better contact the SourceTree support for having this bug fixed. Again, since you provided a made-up name and email, I cannot contact you to provide these informations directly to you.

  2. Hi,
    I am having trouble setting up the app. I get an invalid key alert when I enter my keys. I am copying and pasting in the first two keys and I am following your instructions to copy in the private key (ignoring the start and end lines.)

    1. Usually this error happens when you don’t remove all the newlines from the key. You can try pasting the key to Xcode to check if the key consists of more than one line, then delete extra newlines if necessary and copy paste the resulting key to Localiji.

      1. It almost sounds like you’re saying that even after following the instructions, it’s still not working, but have you read my earlier reply? I would also be curious to know what “everything” else is so complicated, but since you indicated a made-up name and email address, I cannot contact you.

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