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  1. Simple and functional, but I would like the ability to start minimized when launching SyncTime at login. Can it be done?


  2. Hi, I keep getting the following error – The file “..” couldn’t be opened.
    Is there something wrong with traversing the folder structure?

    I have a couple of folders with .jpg images that I try to sync between my Mac and my NAS

    Thanks for an otherwise great app!

  3. A move option would be nice because the finder selects and copies files based on too many criteria and doesn’t give you many options especially if the transfer is interrupted for some reason, like if you crash. That is to say, if you compared the source and destination and then realized that a file was halted in the middle and is actually only half the file. It would then overwrite the 1/2 file with the good copy. The finder move option also doesn’t tell you where you left off if you hit the stop button. if I am ovine a directory of 40 folders, the finder won’t tell me where I left off.
    Also, moving files from one folder to another on the same network drive is another instance where this might be handy.

  4. Hello,

    Just bought your program, but when I launch it and click ‘add sync’ I see 2 maps, the ‘source’ and ‘destination’ folder. When I click on one of them finder opens, I click randomly a map the whole program just disappears. So I can’t use the program at al. Please help.

    Gr. DJ

  5. Any chance you could add bidirectional synchronizing? So far I found SyncTime’s ability to be outstanding but It would also be nice to have a two-way method when synchronizing a network folder.

    1. I’m working on bidirectional syncing right now. Please wait until it will be implemented in one of the next versions.

  6. Great app! I also like to see an all black/gray icon in the menu bar. I also find it a bit inconvenient to reopen the “settings / sync overview” window. (I now reopen the whole app) Would be great if there is a settings option in the dropdown list from the menu bar icon. Keep up the good work.

  7. Great tool, works brilliantly automatically.
    Id just love to see and option for a plain black menu bar icon.
    Apart from that, i can’t flaw it,


  8. Hi,

    Recently I have updated my Mac to OS Mavericks. After that I don’t see the progress bar during the syncs anymore in Usync. Also I don’t get a green bulb anymore when a sync was successful. Can you help to get those back?



  9. Please add the option to run SyncTime without the dock icon. I really want to use this app, but the dock icon is a deal breaker.

    1. I submitted an update to be approved in the next week: SyncTime will run without a dock icon (only in the menubar).

      1. Thank You for the 1.1.5 update. SyncTime is very convenient running from the menu bar. Thanks You for making this request a reality. SyncTime is an outstanding product. Looking forward to future additions to your catalog of apps.

  10. Seriously wonderful app!! Love love love it. I’m an iOS developer and have thousands of PNGs and PSDs that I keep synced to a flash drive to supplement my time machine backups. Usync works wonderfully!

    A nice addition would be the ability to resolve aliases or symbolic links (haven’t tested links yet) so in addition to my regular syncs, I could construct a folder of random aliases, and have the originals synced without having to sync all the different containing folders. That may fall outside of the scope of the app -either way – it’s still awesome for my use.

    I’d give it 10 stars if the app store would let me – thanks!

    1. Unfortunately resolving symbolic links isn’t possible due to the App Sandbox restrictions, so you’ll have to create separate sync items.

    1. In a sync item’s settings, there is already a field to exclude specific words. Please enter your extension there (starting with a dot).

  11. Great App, would love to see the option of it just sitting in the Menubar and not in the Dock, also a Sync timer, so that it would say sync folders every X minutes/hours etc.

  12. Hello, nice app. How about an option on sync so that the confirmation dialog of which files will be deleted/replaced/copied will not be displayed and that the sync will complete without this. Since the folder I’m syncing has thousands of items, the preliminary scan may take many minutes and I don’t want to have to come back and confirm the sync.

    Also, sync is not a great word for what you app does. It really mirrors the source folder to the destination. Mirroring is what I was looking for anyway, but sync implies that the file transfer is bidirectional. I know it is not easy to change the name, but I’d put something about mirroring on the description.

    1. An option to skip the confirmation dialog will be added to version 1.1.3. Bidirectional syncs will also be added in the future.

  13. Hi, I installed SyncTime v1.1.1 on OS 10.7.5 but I can’t add any sync item. It just doesn’t let me add any folder as source or destination. After I select any folder, nothing happens, it still says “not selected yet”. Please fix it..

  14. When I succesfully sync to mounted network folders and quit Usync, Usync says the folders aren’t synced yet when i startup Usync again.

    1. This behavior is normal, the source has to be scanned again at application launch. If nothing changed after the last sync, the confirmation panel will not be shown.

  15. Just installed it and ran it for the first time. I click on the “Add Sync” image and the application aborts unexpectedly. I cannot get past this point to use the app.

    [0x0-0xaf0af].org.desairem.SyncTime[11776]: objc[11776]: cannot form weak reference to instance (0x7fdbfcd35e00) of class SNSyncSettingsPanel

    [0x0-0xaf0af].org.desairem.SyncTime[11776]): Job appears to have crashed: Illegal instruction: 4

  16. Great tool, simple, fast and easy to use, thank you very much!
    The only thing I cannot find, is the option to add one hidden file or folder on the exclude screen (using the + button) – the window does not show hidden files, even if I turn on hidden files in Finder. Would it be possible to show hidden files if showing of hidden files is enabled in Finder?

  17. Please make it compatible with OS X 10.7. I have an older MacBook that doesn’t support OS X 10.8

  18. Hi! Great tool, simple and reliable, thanks! I’d like to see an option for syncing in background for keeping folders in sync automatically. Would this be possible?

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