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  1. i’m on osx 10.8.3, i’ve followed all the steps, witgui works for open a source, but when i clic on “WBFS partition” it let me choose my disk “1.(null) (250 GB)” unfortunately when i press ok, it doesn’t open the window and seems to do nothing… Any idea of what is the problem ?

    1. You could try to run Witgui from the Terminal (simply drag the file /Applications/Witgui/Contents/MacOS/Witgui to the Terminal window and press Return) and send me the output you get. If you are able to deduce yourself from the output that the problem is on wit, you can write on this forum.

  2. I keep getting an error now when I use the following options:

    The error I get is:

    An error has been detected while converting ‘.iso’ to ‘.wbfs’.
    Please make sure that the source file is not corrupted and that the destination drive has enough free space.

    I just put because it happens for pretty much any game whenever I use the new / separator. I know that the files are not corrupted and that I have enough space because it works just fine when I just use *id* or *title* and because I have over 1TB free on that drive. By the way, I’m converting files from one directory to another on the same external drive (so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it).

        1. I’m seeing this kind of error for the first time, but these log lines:


          together with this following error:

          !! no space left on device (table full)

          suggest that you have installed 500 games and there is only space for 500 games, which is probably a limitation of the WBFS format. Alternatively you can try using a FAT partition which should allow more files.

  3. In addition to what is already there, It would be nice if we could choose some of the preset naming conventions that the USB loaders look for.

    For example:
    * GAMEID.ext
    * Title [GAMEID].ext
    * Title [GAMEID]GAMEID.ext
    * GAMEID_TitleGAMEID.ext

    OR, to be able to give a custom name to the folder AND the file.

  4. I’m not reporting any bugs, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you, i’ve been searching for a software like this for ages !

  5. Witgui 2.0.2 update

    Update Error!
    The update is improperly signed.

    I have tried even downloading the new version and always reverts back to 2.0.1

  6. Hello,

    I have an already formated wbfs drive that was done under windows and works great in the wii.

    I would like now to save more games into it using witgui which looks a great option for mac. The problem is that it doesn’t recognize my drive. What should I do ? I already went through the steps you put on help but still it doesn’t recognise it :(((

    Any suggestions? Please help!!


  7. wwt was unable to access my partitions.
    I had to give the wwt binary correct permissions top to fix this.

    sudo chown root:wheel ~/Library/Application Support/Witgui/wwt
    sudo chmod u+s ~/Library/Application Support/Witgui/wwt

    1. Of course this also works, but the first solution listed here seems to be a bit more secure. Anyway I added your solution to the list – thanks!

  8. Hy all,

    Many thank for the autor(s) of this very great tool (the best i’ve tested on Mac OS).
    Could you add the “language” tag in the droplist for naming in the convert box ? actuelly i name my backup as “TITLE (LANGUAGE) [ID]”

    Thanks in advance.
    Is it possible to maintain builds for snow leopard ?

  9. My MacBook Pro panicked when I searched for WBFS partitions in quickstart window. The folder search option runs OK though.

    witgui Version 2 (6)

    1. Trying to access a WBFS partition in Witgui is known to cause a kernel panic on Mac OS X Lion. Upgrading to Mountain Lion solves the problem.

  10. Any chance software could update its wit core? There have been numerous progress on wit core: is it safe to replace wit binary inside Witgui.app/Contents/Resources/ ?
    Thanks a lot for the effort that saves figuring-out command-lines.

    1. It should be safe at the moment, but this is not guaranteed to work in future releases. If you have 2.0 or later the most secure way is to download any update from the File menu.

  11. I would really like to see gamecube .iso support… if it’s already there then I’m an idiot. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get the disk ID’s for the games I have backed up on my computer.

  12. i will surely make a donation when WBFS hard drive are supported, your software seems really cool, but i dont want to format my full 500 Gb hard drive in FAT 32 to test it now ^^

    thats a great start anyway

    1. Manage the HD yourself. This tool is great, and it does what it needs to really…
      I do think that if when you “zap” and iso into a wbfs, it would be awesome if a folder was created. Such as “Game[diskID]”
      It would save a lot of hassle, and would work great… not sure if all USB loaders read wbfs that way though.

      1. As not all USB Loaders support that format, I prefer not to add such an option. You can still download the game database from your USB Loader to display game titles etc.

  13. This is just what I was looking for after using “Wii Backup Fusion” (An excellent program, but for some reason it doesn’t appear to use GameTDB.com for its titles, so screws them up a lot).

    I would humbly request the following:

    1) The ability to handle more than 150 or so files. At the moment I am having to move 100-games at a time into a ‘temp’ folder to use your program to correct their titles – If I point it to the (NTFS) drive containing all 600 the program just hangs (Left it for over 2-hours) – 2010 iMac – Lion OS.

    2) When replacing the ‘:’ character in the GameTDB.com filenames, please use ‘-‘ and not ‘/’ – If I have to use this drive later on a Windoze machine I’m sure that the slash will make it choke! 🙂

    3) Please don’t allow question marks (?) ie: SLWE41 Where’s Waldo? or other illegal/questionable characters in filenames – ie: RWAU78 (Wall*E). They could all be replaced with ‘-‘.

    4) Most backup S/W I’ve used puts the ID inside square brackets. That would be a nice option for your S/W too. ie: [RW123].

    Many thanks for this great program! (And for not leaving us Mac guys out in the cold! 🙂 ). As soon as I find your ‘Donate via PayPal’ button I’ll be sending some reddies.

    Cheers and thanks again!

    1. I’m experiencing some strange issues while trying to add WBFS partition support to Witgui. As soon as I get it I’ll of course handle special characters and try to fix that issue with the limited number of games.

  14. Witgui is simple and clean. I love the batch renaming. Formating a drive to wbfs and possibly syncing to it would be a great addition. Currently, I had to format the drive with an app for windows (virtual install) and then use wii backup fusion to sync it to wbfs. I like the convert iso/wbfs, but adding a possibility to just split or join a file and retain the same format would be nice.

    Thanks for the great app. I would donate 5$ if the paypal link was tied to an address! Shoot me an email when its resolved and a beer or two is on me. 🙂

    1. I’m working on WBFS partition support right now, but I’m experiencing some strange issues so this will probably take quite some time.

  15. Mac 10.7.3
    Witgui 1.1.2 (4)

    Issue: Show details has only shown cover for 1 title. Download missing covers yields no results.

  16. Could NTFS support be added to the next release? Basically the games load fine when on my MBP system volume, but when I transfer them to the NTFS USB HDD, the list of games available is pretty much 0 (a few games are listed for some reason, but most aren’t). Oh and NTFS support on my Snow Leopard MBP is run via NTFS-3G if that could help.

    1. NTFS-3G should already do the trick … I’m sorry if that doesn’t work, I can’t do anything to solve this.

      1. Interesting – I’ve not tried many games, but the three that I did transferred Ok to my NTFS drive. USBLoader_GX picked them up.

        Note: There seems to be a limit on the number of games at the moment (<100) are you trying to move more in one-hit? – I was doing them one-by-one and from ISO to WBFS (With destination as the NTFS drive).

        OSX Lion, Western Digital 1TB, Tuxera NTFS driver.

        1. Finally I also got to port version 1.1.1 for Lion to Snow Leopard. Please be patient, it should be out in less than a week.

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