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  1. Hi there,

    LOVE witgui and it works really well in some ways. I AM having a bit of a problem though, not sure if it’s a bug. I can format my usb drive and initially transfer games onto it and it works fine. BUT, after I use it then plug it back in (and use the sudo 666 command in terminal), it recognizes the drive, but when I try and open it it says:

    ‘/dev/rdisk1’ could not be opened correctly.

    It won’t allow me to add more games, nor will it show what’s on the drive. Wondering what’s going on. Thanks!

    P.S. I’m running the latest version of Mavericks OSX


    1. There is now an option in version 2.1.3 which allows to use /disk instead of /rdisk when opening a WBFS partitions (you can find that option in the Preferences panel). /disk was used automatically when formatting a partition to WBFS, but /rdisk was default when opening one normally.

  2. Mac OSX 10.9.1
    WitGui 2.1.2

    There is a strange issue on my iMac….when I try to convert a game listed in the Witgui window (dragging into a desktop folder called wbfs) it only works if I select the “list view”, not the “thumbnail view”.

    In fact on the thumbnail view I can drop the game into another folder, but it won’t prompt the “convert box” with the options (name, split etc).



  3. Witgui doesn’t recognize my WBFS Drive on Mavericks, but it does recognize on Mountain Lion. Is there something I can do to make the drive recognisable on Mavericks?

  4. — Would like to choose the icon style for the art work (I prefer the ‘Flat’ boxed art) with in the program and the QuickLook plugin in Finder.
    — Make the windows integrated instead of having separate windows.

    Thanks for the OSX support! Great Job!

  5. Could you please add the option to disable being asked if I want to ‘Keep only DATA and CHANNEL partitions’ every time I copy a game? It gets annoying when i have to copy hundreds of games.. Also a thumbnail view would be great. I love to be able to see the game cover art in the list but the images are TINY.
    Love the program, been using it for over a year. I appreciate it a lot! oxoxox

    1. An option will be added to hide the dialog when adding games to a WBFS partition and to manually set the size of the icons in the icon view.

  6. Hi

    I used Witgui 2.0 back on Lion to create a few WBFS files. Worked great. The resulting files had lovely game specific Mac icons.

    I just used Witgui 2.0.4 on Mountain Lion to create a WBFS file and there was no icon on the resulting file. I’ve tried it a few times now and each time the file is created – but there’s no icon. PS. I’ve downloaded all the supporting files to work with Witgui from the file menu

    Also. Once a conversion is completed, the progress bar still shows there’s a small section to go. The pop up window says it’s complete but the hover menu has an incomplete progress bar.

    An icon fix would be great if possible. Thanks!

    1. The progress bar bug will be fixed in the next version and a QuickLook plugin will also be there to generate previews and thumbnails.

  7. I have a problem with witgui. WIT, WWT and WitGui are all updated fully, but whenever I make an attempt to drag over an ISO game to convert it to WBFS, it snaps the copy icon back to its original place, meaning it wont convert it.

    1. Games (or their parent folders) have to be opened in Witgui in order to be dragged/converted. It won’t work to simply drag games from the Finder to an open Witgui window.

  8. I’m in a Mac and every time I connect my drive I enter the sudo chmod 666 /dev/ in the terminal so that witgui recognizes the drive but everytime try to open “WBFS partition” it doesn’t recognize it, it can only access to it by entering “Format as WBFS” so every time I connect my drive I have to format my partition and transfer every game I have and it just takes to long, do you know how can I make it be recognizable every time I connect my drive after the sudo command?

  9. I have Witgui installed on my Mac. 10.8.4. I have a USB hard drive formatted as FAT32 with a wbfs folder at the root. I cannot get Witgui to see my drive! I’ve tried all the Terminal tricks listed in the help section to no avail. Any suggestions??

    1. While WBFS partitions are to be opened by clicking on “Open WBFS partition”, FAT, NTFS and all other kinds of partitions are only readable by clicking on “Open Folder”.

  10. Simple, eficaz… Sin complicaciones.

    La herramienta perfecta para volcar mis juegos al HDD, aunque como estaba empezando haya preferido formatear el HDD a WBFS ya que lo tenia en NTFS.

  11. Mac 10.8.4
    Witgui 2.0.4

    The game titled “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Master Quest” for Gamecube has a “/” in the title and this causes the game to become sub folder-ed every time i allow the program to rename all games in an entire directory while selecting the naming scheme “Title [id]”.

    could you possibly change the flag for auto folder-ing in the title, also since “/” is a valid character in Mac OSX wouldn’t it be best to use an invalid character as means for a folder indicator?

  12. Another request: when adding an iso/wbfs to a WBFS partition, it should be an option to copy only the DATA and CHANNEL partitions. By leaving out the UPDATE and some extra unnecessary partitions, it saves some space.

    This can be done using: “wwt add –psel data,chan game.iso”

  13. Could you add the option to verify an ISO/WBFS file? WIT already supports this and it would be great to have something like right clicking a file and choosing verify. Thanks a lot!

    1. This command will be possibly added in the next version of Witgui, but it could take some time.

  14. When adding games to my WBFS partition in my external HDD, the copy is too slow. Currently it averages 9 MiB/s. When I used to run qwbfsmanager, it used to reach 25 MiB/s…

    I have no plans to depart from Witgui, but having to wait three times longer to add a game gets on my nerves! Do you have any idea what the problem might be? Thanks for the great program!

    1. As you pointed out, the slow write operation is due to using /dev/disk instead of /dev/rdisk. This change will be implemented in the next version of Witgui.

    1. If unchecking the “Deep search” option doesn’t solve your problem, you could try running Witgui from the Terminal (just drag the file /Applications/Witgui.app/Contents/MacOS/Witgui to a Terminal window and press Return) and analyze the output you get. If you find a double exclamation mark (“!!”) somewhere, it’s likely that you have a corrupt game file in that folder. Trying to convert this corrupt game to the same format might solve the problem.

  15. I already have the latest Wiimms ISO Tools installed to /usr/local/bin as I have been using them from the command line for some time. I should not have to download a separate copy just for Witgui. It would be good for Witgui to detect the binaries (wwt, wit) in /usr/local/bin and use those.

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