Gaining access to WBFS partitions and formatting a partition as WBFS

To gain access to a WBFS partition or to format a partition as WBFS you first need to install wwt, which you are prompted to download when you launch Witgui for the first time.

Besides, you somehow need to have privileged permissions. The first time you download wwt you’ll be prompted whether to set it automatically to be executable as root by everyone: accepting is the easiest way to do it (this is not as secure as the next option, so you are responsible for everything bad that could happen – which normally shouldn’t). Another way is to change the access rights of the partition every time you plug it in (just scroll down to see the instructions). The last option listed on this page describes how to set wwt to be executable as root by everyone manually.

Changing access rights of a partition

  1. Open the Terminal (which you can find in Applications/Utilities), type
    diskutil list

    and press Return. You’ll get a list of the currently available devices.

  2. Plug in the device. An alert may appear saying that the device could not be mounted: click on “Ignore”. Now you have to type again in the Terminal the previous line of code (or simply press the UP arrow) and then press Return. By comparing the first to the second output you can get the name of the device you plugged in (it should be something like /dev/disk1).
  3. Type
    sudo chmod 666 /dev/disk1

    (or whatever name you got previously) and press Return. After typing your password (it won’t be printed on screen) and pressing Return you can close the Terminal.

  4. Now you can access the partition as long as it is plugged in. Because the permissions get lost every time you plug the device out, you’ll have to repeat these steps if you want to access it again afterwards.

Setting wwt to be executable as root by everyone

  1. Open the Terminal (which you can find in /Applications/Utilities).
  2. Type the following two lines (you’ll have to type your password after pressing Return the first time):
    sudo chown root:wheel ~/Library/Application\ Support/Witgui/wwt
    sudo chmod u+s ~/Library/Application\ Support/Witgui/wwt