Export and import sync items

Sync items can be exported to a file and imported again later on any Mac. The exported file has the .sync extension.

  • To export the selected sync items, select the corresponding menu item from the status bar menu, the File menu or the context menu. You’ll be asked for the location where you want to save the file. Alternatively, just drag the selected sync items onto your Desktop or a Finder window and the save file will be created automatically.
  • If no sync items are selected, the Export menu item will export all the items in the currently selected group, or all items if no group is selected.

To import the sync items from a previously exported file, you can either double-click the file or drag it onto the app icon in the Dock. If a sync item with the same title already exists, it will not be imported again. In order to overwrite an existing sync item with the version from the save file, the existing sync item has to be deleted or renamed first.

After the import, the source and destination directories will appear as unavailable even if the corresponding volume is connected. This is the expected behaviour, because in a sandboxed app (like all App Store apps) a file or directory cannot be accessed until selected by the user with the system open panel. When the sync item is run for the first time after the import, the open panel is shown, pointing to the correct directories, so that their locations can be securely stored again.