Export sync items

The sync items can be exported, so that you can reimport them at any later time, on any Mac. Exported sync items will be saved as a file with the “.sync” extension.

To export all sync items at once, simply select the “Export” menu item from the status bar menu. You’ll then be asked for the location where you want to save the file. To export only the selected sync items, just drag them onto your Desktop or a Finder window, and the save file will be automatically created.

To import the sync items from a previously exported file, you can either double-click it or drag it into the main window. You’ll then be asked to confirm the sources and destinations of the imported sync items, so that their locations can be securely stored. Directories which are not mounted at the time of the import do not have to be immediately confirmed; the confirmation dialog will instead appear as soon as they are available again.