How can I only sync files with a given extension?

  1. Add a new sync item by clicking the + button in the toolbar.
  2. In the General tab of the sync settings, type a title that describes the sync item. Then click on the first folder icon to select a source directory (in the image below, Documents), and on the second folder icon to select a destination (in the image below, Downloads/txt files).
  3. In the Filters tab of the sync settings, enable the checkbox “Filter files matching any of the following expressions”. Then click on the + button below and select Filename in the popup menu.
  4. In the attributes popover, set Mode to Include, Operation to Contains, and Value to “.txt”. Close the popover by clicking anywhere outside of it or pressing the Esc key.

  5. Enable the checkbox “Filter following files”. Then click on the + button below, select Add excluded file and select the source directory that you chose in step 2.
  6. Close the sync settings by clicking the red title bar button.
  7. Run the sync item by clicking on the Play toolbar button.

To learn more about explicitly filtered files and filter expressions, see Filters.