How to connect to Slack?

Among the scripts that can be executed when a sync completes, SyncTime allows to install one that sends a Slack message. When installing the script, you are prompted for the webhook link to which the messages are to be sent. The webhook link can be generated after creating a Slack app.

To create a Slack app, visit Select “Create an App”.

In the dialog that opens, select “From scratch”.

Fill out the field App Name with a name, such as SyncTime, and select a workspace in the drop down button below. Then select “Create App”.

After creating the app, scroll down and select “Incoming Webhooks”.

Toggle the button on the right to activate incoming webhooks.

Scroll to the bottom and select “Add New Webhook to Workspace”.

On the following page, select the channel that you want the messages to be posted to, then select “Allow”.

After returning to the previous page, select Copy under the Webhook URL table, beside the previously selected channel name.

You can now paste the webhook link in SyncTime and proceed with the script installation.