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  1. I use sync time to sync my Mac desktop with a folder in onedrive since you cannot select the desktop folder in OneDrive for Mac. This worked great but recently (new M2 Mac and update) when I save something directly to the desktop vs. moving it to the desktop the app always crashes.

    To try to fix this I was messing with settings. I turned on dependencies (unsure what it was) and now the SyncTime app won’t even run long enough to make any changes and just immediately crashes every time.

    Reinstalling did not work. How can I uninstall and delete all cache or saved files across my Mac to start all over again?

    1. The crash is due to a circular dependency that you probably created by adding the sync item as its own dependency, which normally is not possible, but due to a bug is currently possible. To circumvent this, you can start SyncTime while pressing the Option key on your keyboard, which temporarily disables the dependencies. (A dependency is a sync item that is run before the current one.)
      I just published an update that should fix this and the other issue as well, which was caused by adding files in two-way background syncs.

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