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  1. Hello Sync Time,

    Nice Program; very good described and it is funktioning
    nicely so far.

    My Question: After i’ve purchased the app SyncTime,
    is it still necessary to keep the SyncTime Lite-Version or can I
    delete it from app-folder?

    Thanks for answer.


  2. Hey,
    love syntime – great job! I am syncing actually all my data from my laptop
    to a cloud service. For each directory I created a sync. In order not to have them
    run all the same time (otherwise my cloud slows down massively) I have made them
    dependent on eachother – so one sync starts when the other has finished. But some time
    a sync shows an error and the next sync won´t start. Is there a solution to that?

    (the answering email is a forwarding service to avoid spam -thanks for your reply)

    1. Currently there’s no way to keep dependencies from going on when a previous sync has errors. What kind of errors do you get? Are they not something you would be able to fix permanently?

      Alternatively, if you’re syncing several folders with the same parent directory, you could “merge” them into a single sync item with the parent directory as the source, then exclude it, and include only the subdirectories that you had selected previously as the different sources. There is a note at the bottom of this help article which explains just that: Filters.

  3. Hello,
    I am using SyncTime Version 4.8 (148) and I noticed the status bar icon is changing from black to white, when I click on it (on daytime). I made a short video about it but cannot upload it here. All the other status bar icons doesn’t change their color. Maybe the SyncTime icon also should not change?
    Thanks for your time and also thank you for this great app.
    Kind regards.

    1. You’re right, it seems that status bar icons don’t invert their colors anymore. That wasn’t always the case though. But I’ll change this in the next update to reflect the other system icons’ behaviour.

  4. Hi,
    as of today I cannot create new sync elements with my internal drive as source (using time capsules as destination). Any folder I try to select from my drive is listed as “not available”. Copying from time capsule to time capsule is no problem, only using the internal drive as a source.

    1. That seems to be an issue which happens for some users since the newest update but which I cannot reproduce on my Mac. I just sent an update to Apple that should fix it, it should be available very soon.

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