Sync schedules

The sync schedule can be modified in the General tab of the sync settings.

  • Manual: the default. The sync can only be started by using the toolbar or menu commands or triggered as a dependency by another sync.
  • Automatic: the sync is run whenever the source and destination become available. Once an automatic sync has been completed successfully, it will run again after at least the source or the destination are unmounted and mounted again, the app is restarted, or the Mac wakes up from sleep. The sync can still be started manually at any time.
  • Every hour: the sync is run every full hour.
  • Once a day/week/month: the sync is run at the end of every day/week/month at midnight.
  • Custom: add any number of periodic time intervals. You can choose between:
    • every hour at a specific number of minutes and seconds
    • every day at a specific time
    • every specific weekday at a specific time
    • every specific day of month at a specific time

If the source or destination volumes are not available at the scheduled sync time, the sync is run as soon as they become available.

If one of the volumes is a remote server with unpredictable availability, or if there may be no internet connection at the scheduled time, it can be useful to set a reconnect interval: the sync is then rescheduled periodically, showing no login or error dialog, until the volumes become available.