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  1. Sorry. Me again. Ran my second sync manually. Both source and destination drives look identical. However, when I used Finder to compare contents, the destination drive is almost 2X the size of the source, like it duplicated contents.

    I had made some slight changes to the source contents. When I started sync I noticed it was going to delete/add a lot but assumed it would see only the folder name changed, not the contents the folder.

    I started to look at hidden files but not very comfortable with them. They appear to be very close to the same on both drives. Any ideas where 25gb of data would be hiding?

  2. First sync errors with SyncTime resolved with Help information and checking “Exclude Hidden Files.” One remaining issue is the creation of a subfolder called [Orginals]. The subfolder contains (2) files: an image file and a sidecar file. I located the source subdirectory for the files and they are fine. So I deleted the Originals subdirectory on the destination drive and the (2) files on the main drive and synced again. The directory and the files came back. Please advise on why this occurs.

    1. You’re right, currently files hidden even without start with a period are not treated correctly. I will try to fix this in an upcoming update.

  3. Hi, thanks for your great tool – love it! It’s very simple and working great on my MAC. But I have individual folder pics on each folder icon which you can paste into the folder icon at the folder information page. Unfortunately they will not to be synchronized. Tags are working well, but not the individual pics on the folder icons. Probably you have an idea how to fix this. Thanks & greetings!

    1. There is currently no way of checking whether a file has a custom icon or not: the only way to ensure that the icons are synced is to copy it on each sync for every file, which would make the whole sync 6x slower. I contacted Apple to see if there is a better way of doing this, but this usually takes some time.

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