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  1. There a couple dozen sync errors with the title ‘Conflicting source files’. The instructions are to make sure that the files ‘are the same’ before trying to sync again. What does that even mean and why does SyncTime think the files are different in a way that a two-way-sync cannot resolve any differences? It’d be helpful if the program would tell me what it thinks this mythical difference might be.

    1. A conflict in a two-way sync means that both file sizes or modification dates changed since the last sync, so that SyncTime doesn’t know which file you want to keep. This is briefly explained in this help topic:

      Have you tried comparing the size and modification date of the conflicting files? Have you noticed any difference? Could it be that the size or modification time of both files has changed since the last sync?

  2. Hi,
    I have an intern HDD and an extern HDD and I wand to synchronize the data in both ways, e.g. if the extern file is newer than copy and overwrite the intern file et vice versa. It doesn’t work with the tool, because if I click both ways, I can not tell him overwrite the older. In the log the program gives me an error.
    Or is there another mistake?

    1. Do I understand correctly that you already selected the sync type “two-way sync” in the Destination tab of the sync settings? I don’t know what error you’re getting, but if it’s a conflict and this is your first sync, then SyncTime doesn’t know which file should overwrite the other one. In your case the file with the newer modification date should overwrite the older one, but this is not always the case. I just expanded the section about two-way syncs to make this clearer: Sync types.

  3. Nicolas hi!
    I found your app the best for syncing during work. But I need sync times less than a minute. Can you please add the ability to sync every 10-30 seconds? Would be really helpful.

    1. Sure, I could add seconds besides minutes in the next update. May I just ask what your scenario is so that I can better understand the need for such a low sync interval?

  4. hi again…. very weird situation here. i have a new mac studio since about 10 days. i have not been able to get time machine to work at all since day one. it keeps saying it cant bakcup because files are syncing. even apple enineering level seems to be unable so solve this. so my quesiton to you… is there a way to get synctime to essentially do the same as time machine?



    1. In the Destination tab of the sync settings you can set the backup strategy to “Progressive, link unchanged files”, which will behave exactly like Time Machine. You can read more here: Backup strategy. The only caveat is that you can only use it to sync your home folder. SyncTime, just like all App Store apps, is not allowed to access system files, so it cannot do a backup of the whole Macintosh HD.

  5. Good morning, first of all congratulations on the application!
    Here’s my problem: I noticed that if I remove a file from the source folder, the copy is not mirrored but still shows that file.

    E.g. the source folder contains the files: a.jpg, b.jpg, c.jpg. I make the backup and the program copies them all (as it should be).
    If I remove the b.jpg file from the source folder and perform the backup in the folder in question again, the new backup will STILL have a.jpg, b.jpg, c.jpg

  6. Hi… so i have several scheduled syncs… but it appears they always come up with the dialog box when the get started where I have to confirm the actions shown in the top bar. how to not force me to OK every sync?

    1. Could you please send me the complete error message you get? If you select the error in the Activity Log window, you get the detailed error description in the text area at the bottom. That would help me to better understand why you’re getting the error. In case you quit and restarted SyncTime in the meantime, please reproduce the error again and send me the text of the new error, since the detailed error message is lost when restarting the app. Here you find a screenshot of a sample detailed error and some common causes for sync errors: Sync errors.

  7. Hi,
    I’ve recently been trying SyncTime Lite after trying other synchronization apps and I have to admit that this one wins for me. For the future, could you add the possibility of recovering space on the computer where I don’t need some data and then being able to re-download it only when I need it? With the Dropbox app I right-clicked a folder in the finder and then chose “Online only” or “Offline.” Something like this would be great with SyncTime too.

    1. I think that the ability to evict and redownload a file is specific to the cloud provider and not something that SyncTime would be able to do regardless of which cloud provider you’re using. Unless I misunderstood your suggestion, I’m afraid that’s not something I would be able to do. If you’re looking for a way to determine which files should be downloaded automatically and which ones shouldn’t, then looking for an option in your cloud provider’s app would be your best bet. If you cannot find it, have you tried contacting your cloud provider? Maybe they’re willing to add such an option.

      1. I would like to use my NAS as a cloud provider and I am already using SyncTime to synchronize the Lightroom catalogs between the various computers in my studio and the NAS. What I need is to be able to keep the Lightroom catalog I’m working on my computer and archive all the other catalogs in the NAS so I can then download them when necessary

        1. I think I now understand that you were simply suggesting to support your scenario in a similar way like Dropbox works. The mention of Dropbox confused me there and I thought you wanted SyncTime to interact with Dropbox, but you really just wanted to ask if SyncTime could in the future offer a similar feature where it would allow to selectively sync files from a backup (your NAS) to your Mac and at some point remove them again from the Mac while keeping them on the NAS.

          I’m thinking of adding an additional sync type. We currently have “one-way sync”, “two-way sync” and “one-way move”. I propose to add a new one whose behaviour would be similar two a two-way sync, with the exception that excluded files are removed from the destination after syncing any changes from those files back to the source. This way you could exclude everything and add a filter that only includes files with a given Finder tag. When you change the tag in the Finder and sync afterwards, SyncTime would sync any changes between the Mac and the NAS, and if all is successful, it would proceed to delete the files from the Mac that are now excluded.

  8. This is an awesome tool! Immediately bought it and it is very powerful in its simplicity and efficiency!

    couple of questions and feedback:

    1. performance: how many jobs could run parallel? if we ignore bandwidth of the network and storage drives, any limit you would suggest, to keep stable.
    2. how can SyncTime pick up a job from another install, that did not get an export file imported, but just by comparing the directories? Just as a backup thought…
    3. are there certain file attributes from a windows server share, that can’t be read or transferred?
    4. is there a file count limit per sync job? Or in total?
    5. is there a way to export log files? Or save out log files for each run?
    6. could the view on the sync jobs be further adjusted via: last time synced, size, event: like errors, by name, running/inactive? The Groups are great, but to get an overview of certain states would be helpful.

    Thank you very much and keep up the good work

    1. 1. I don’t have any suggestion about how many syncs should run in parallel. SyncTime should be able to handle as many parallel syncs as you want, but if it makes sense performance-wise depends on the Mac you’re using, the involved volumes and possibly other factors. Until now I didn’t bother figuring out the perfect number for parallelization, which would be quite difficult because of the given reasons.

      2. I think what you’re wondering is how SyncTime can find out what’s changed between an existing source and destination, i.e. if the destination is not empty when running the first sync in SyncTime? For one-way syncs, files that exist on the source and the destination are overwritten on the destination according to the overwrite policy which you can set in the Destination tab of the sync settings. For two-way syncs, on the first sync, SyncTime adds all missing files to the other base and shows an error for files that exist on both but are different; on following syncs, SyncTime is then able to determine which file has been modified. I just extended the explanation about two-way syncs here:

      3. I don’t know. I don’t have a Windows share to test this with. But if you run into any issue with any kind of volume, you’re welcome to send me any errors you might get and I will be happy to have a look at them. In case of doubt, before purchasing SyncTime, one should try SyncTime Lite (but I know you’ve already made the purchase).

      4. There is no file count limit.

      5. Currently there’s no way to export logs. If you tell me more about how you would expect such a feature to work and how you would want to use the exported logs, I’ll be happy to consider it. I just created a new help article dedicated to logs here: Logs. I’m possibly going to change the format used to save the logs in the near future, so don’t look at them too carefully for now.

      6. Being able to sort the sync items is a great idea! I can imagine that sorting by name and last sync start would be useful.

  9. Will SyncTime automatically wake up after being shut down to do scheduled backups or does one have to let it run all the time?

  10. Hello,

    great software, I like it so far!

    I have a one-way backup with backup strategy incremental. Is it possible to restore such a backup that does not contain hard links? I heard there might be problems working with hard links.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. If you restore a file or directory by copying the backup and pasting it in the Finder, then you will end up with independent file copies that you can edit freely (i.e. without hard links). I just added a short explanation on the help topic: Backup strategy.

  11. I have enjoyed this backup solution and it’s the one i’ve always been looking for. My problem is when syncing to my NAS ( I use Synology diskstation). I have to login to it from finder under locations first, then run sync time, otherwise it will fail. I didn’t see a section for login credentials in the app so I’m not sure if their is another way.

  12. Can’t update paid version of SyncTime. MacBook M2, MacOS Sonoma 14. Get error message below:
    Unable to Download App
    “SyncTime” could not be installed.
    Please try again later.

    1. I imagine that you get this error when trying to update SyncTime from within the App Store. Unfortunately the update process is outside of my control, since it’s all managed by macOS and Apple. The only thing I can suggest is to try to contact the Apple Support at, although in my experience they will tell you to first contact the app developer (which you just did), then try with another network and, if even that doesn’t help, reinstall macOS from scratch.

  13. Been trying out SyncTime Lite.

    I was looking for a way to sync my external hard drive with iCloud, both having 6TB by the way. At a certain point in de proces it stops as there is not enough space on my internal hard drive.
    So is the internal hard drive absolutely necessary in this syncing proces?
    Am I trying to use the wrong program considering what I am looking for?

    Please do not consider my question a a negative remark about the program, maybe what I want is just not possible because of the way SyncTime Lite or Apple operates.

    Many thanks in advance for helping out

  14. Hi – I’ve ben a long time SyncTime user and love. Thank you for the great support.

    Wanted to let you know that when syncing items the “confirm”/”cancel” windows grow larger and larger each time I click one of those buttons. I know this happened once before, and an update was issued to fix it. Just wanted to let you know that it’s happening again in case you weren’t aware. Thanks again for the great program.

  15. Hello Sync Time,

    Nice Program; very good described and it is funktioning
    nicely so far.

    My Question: After i’ve purchased the app SyncTime,
    is it still necessary to keep the SyncTime Lite-Version or can I
    delete it from app-folder?

    Thanks for answer.


  16. Hey,
    love syntime – great job! I am syncing actually all my data from my laptop
    to a cloud service. For each directory I created a sync. In order not to have them
    run all the same time (otherwise my cloud slows down massively) I have made them
    dependent on eachother – so one sync starts when the other has finished. But some time
    a sync shows an error and the next sync won´t start. Is there a solution to that?

    (the answering email is a forwarding service to avoid spam -thanks for your reply)

    1. Currently there’s no way to keep dependencies from going on when a previous sync has errors. What kind of errors do you get? Are they not something you would be able to fix permanently?

      Alternatively, if you’re syncing several folders with the same parent directory, you could “merge” them into a single sync item with the parent directory as the source, then exclude it, and include only the subdirectories that you had selected previously as the different sources. There is a note at the bottom of this help article which explains just that: Filters.

  17. Hello,
    I am using SyncTime Version 4.8 (148) and I noticed the status bar icon is changing from black to white, when I click on it (on daytime). I made a short video about it but cannot upload it here. All the other status bar icons doesn’t change their color. Maybe the SyncTime icon also should not change?
    Thanks for your time and also thank you for this great app.
    Kind regards.

    1. You’re right, it seems that status bar icons don’t invert their colors anymore. That wasn’t always the case though. But I’ll change this in the next update to reflect the other system icons’ behaviour.

  18. Hi,
    as of today I cannot create new sync elements with my internal drive as source (using time capsules as destination). Any folder I try to select from my drive is listed as “not available”. Copying from time capsule to time capsule is no problem, only using the internal drive as a source.

    1. That seems to be an issue which happens for some users since the newest update but which I cannot reproduce on my Mac. I just sent an update to Apple that should fix it, it should be available very soon.

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