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    1. If you can see your drive in the Finder, then it should work with SyncTime. If you’re unsure, you can always try out the free SyncTime Lite and upgrade to SyncTime later.

  1. Hi, I just purchased the application, congratulations, it’s wonderful and simple at the same time.

    I have a problem with scripts, both the ones pre-programmed by you, and one I created (it simply closes the app when the “sync activated” function finishes).

    The problem encountered is that, once the sync is done, it runs the script, but then it resets itself eliminating the choice of the script I selected. So it only works once and doesn’t store the script I chose.

    I tried both Rosetta and Silicon modes.

    MacOs Sonoma 14.3.1, MacBook Pro M3 Max

    I hope you will resolve the problem soon.

    1. I assume you’re setting the option “Once all syncs are completed” from the status item menu. That option resets itself after executing the script, that’s correct. Did you know that you can also select a custom script for each sync item individually, in the Advanced tab of the sync options? That script is executed each time and is not reset automatically. The “Once all syncs are completed” status item option was originally intended to be a way of putting the Mac to sleep or shutting it down after the current set of syncs completes, and I assumed that users would use this feature in some rare cases (such as when they need to go away from the Mac before the syncs complete) and expect it to be reset automatically.

  2. I am trying to copy a folder with files from a Mac to a NAS on the same LAN. The files are actually “packages” containing multiple files inside of the type att.tar.encrypted, db.sql.encrypted, log.sql.gz.encrypted and Contents.plist.

    I keep getting the error “The operation couldn’t be completed. Invalid argument
    NSPOSIXErrorDomain 22”

    I don’t know if the fact that these are “packages” finder than standard files, and I could not find anything about this in the FAQ’s. Any suggestions?

    1. This error used to happen in an older version of SyncTime that was fixed in the meantime. Please make sure to use the newest version from the App Store.

  3. I’m getting an error “Conflict for .DS_Store” I’m looking in both directories (while viewing invisible “.” files) and I don’t see this file in either location. Would it be possible when this kind of conflict arrises to have an option to manually choose the one I want to be “correct” and have the program make the update clear up the issue?

    1. I’ve just updated the help topic about sync errors to show how to toggle hidden files, and there you can also see how I recommend to exclude .DS_Store files: Sync errors.

  4. Hi, I just wated to know whether theres a snapshot created, like timemachine?
    And if, can it be avoided?

    1. If you want SyncTime to create incremental snapshots like Time Machine, you would have to set the backup strategy to “Incremental, link unchanged files”. By default, the backup strategy is set to None. You can find more information here: Backup strategy.

  5. Hi, since syncBuddy (after years of flawless service!) apparently doesn’t support latest Mac OS’s and/or silicone Macs I’m looking for a replacement and am trying your SyncTime Lite. Initial trial looks really good except it hasn’t copied Get Info Comments (“finder comments”) to the destination folder. Comments added to a folder or a file are not copied. I’m wonder if I’m missing something or is it a bug to be fixed or is it just not going to be a feature of this program?
    Thanks! Fred

    1. I just tried to sync a file with a Finder comment and I can confirm that in the destination file, the Finder comment doesn’t appear anymore in the Finder Info dialog. This also seems to be the case with other utilities like the cp or rsync Terminal commands. I was only able to keep the Finder comment when copying the file in the Finder itself.

      I did a quick search and it seems that Finder comments have a history of being quite unreliable:

      Depending on your situation, there may be a workaround that doesn’t involve Finder comments, like Finder tags. In case you need those comments for searching files in the Finder, it should still work: the comment of the destination file may not be displayed in the Finder Info dialog, but it still seems to be associated with the file when using the xattr and mdls Terminal commands as outlined in the previously linked website. I was able to do a Finder search with a keyword only appearing in the comment and both the source and destination files were listed.

  6. Two items.

    1. When SyncTime 4.10.x is launched on MacOS Monterey 12.x the application starts in the background of the Finder. Is it possible for SyncTime to launch in front of all other applications? As it is, I launch SyncTime but need to find the app and bring it forward before using it.

    2. Is there an option to not sync aliases? I cannot find such an option.

    1. You’re right. Even when running in the Dock it is launched in the background. Well, sort of. Right now for me it is launched behind the window where I’m composing an email, but above the main Mail window with the inbox, which doesn’t make any sense at all. I guess it’s some weird macOS behaviour. Still, I think I was able to find a way to launch it above every window and will add that to the next update.

      I will think of the best way to filter aliases and add it to the next update as well, if possible.

  7. I’m getting sync errors when the name of the file is the same, but the capitalization is different. Can you please fix?

  8. Hi,
    I am getting this message “You don’t have permission to save the file “org.desairem.uSync” in the folder “Application Scripts”.
    How I can fix this? Thank you in advance,

    1. It seems like macOS is unable to create the Application Scripts directory, which I’ve never seen before. I will change this in the next update and show an error only when actually opening the “Edit scripts” dialog in SyncTime (which you can open for example by selecting the menu “Once all syncs are completed” in the status item menu). If you would like to use custom scripts and find out why you’re getting this error, just let me know and I will do my best to help you.

  9. Hey!
    I bought SyncTime few days ago and it worked pretty good!
    I use Synctime with Cryptomator.
    Cryptomator creates an network drive and I “copy” my files from the local drive to the virtual network drive from Cryptomator (this is with onedrive).
    Today I get the problem that SyncTime is not possible to sync to the virtual cryptomator drive.
    The settings are correct, I can choose the virtual drive as destination and the virtual drive is connected – I have access to this.
    But as soon as the “Copy” from Synctime began it’s in an endless loop at status “copy files” and it seems to be that Synctime has a problem with the virtual drive

  10. Hi,
    I was wondering if this app would be good for backing up time machine backups from one external drive to another. My problem is– other apps I’ve tried don’t recognize the duplicate files (i.e. hard linked files) in the tm backups. And the backups take up way more space than needed.

    1. I will add support for hard links in the next update, which should be published within the next week. A warning: simply trying to sync the Time Machine backups will already show several permission errors, so you’ll have to exclude several files or only sync the files you’re really interested in.

      As an alternative to creating a backup of the Time Machine backups, if you’re not already aware of it, you can also use the backup strategy “Incremental, link unchanged files” in the Destination settings of SyncTime, which creates a new directory for each backup like Time Machine does. You can read more about it here: Backup strategy.

  11. Hello, is it possible to start a group via script?

    I would like to create a macro with Keyboard Maestro that detects when my Parallels starts.

    After that, the SyncTime group Parallels should be automatically started, which mounts my Windows drive on the mac.

  12. Hi,
    I’m having issue calling/triggering a SyncTime synchronisation element within the Mac OS Shortcuts app.
    I always get an “Internal error” message.
    Thanks for your help !

    1. You’re right, the Shortcuts integration doesn’t work currently. I’ll make sure to fix it with the next update, which should be published in the next days.

  13. Receiving error:
    The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format.
    NSCocoaErrorDomain 4864

    The target location is a library folder for the Box cloud service, a subfolder to : ~/Library/CloudStorage. In both SyncTime dialogue prompt and in Finder show the folder as Box, or ~/Library/CloudStorage/Box. A terminal ‘ls’ command shows the folder name to be Box-Box.

    Is there a work around?

    1. Apparently it’s an issue when syncing regular files (and not directories) with two-way sync mode. I will fix this with the next update, which should be published in the next few days.

  14. I just started getting a dialog box whenever I make a change to a synctime sync. A dialog box opens up that says “Notifications are not allowed for this application”, it goes away after that and I can continue with my backup.

    1. I noticed myself that this dialog is shown when adding or modifying a sync item and I previously disabled system notifications for SyncTime. This will be fixed in the next update, which will be coming soon. You can simply ignore the dialog for now.

  15. I have colored the color of some directories with the program Chameleon.
    Since I did this, I have the following error when synchronizing this directory.
    Error setting the metadata for […]
    Setting the custom file icon failed.
    SyncTime.SyncTimeError 1

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