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  1. Great little program! It’s very graceful — does the job quickly and simply. I have one question.

    After a one-way sync that seemed to go well, I got this error message:

    “Sync completed with previous errors (Not synced yet)”

    What does that indicate?

    1. This is a misleading combination of messages for the case that you have errors on the first sync. I will make it clearer in the next update.

  2. Hi,

    Great application and excited to see the archive option being added. Is there the ability to limit the number of versions retained. I’d rather limit the number of versions rather than have every version and only limit once the drive fills up.


  3. I used to be able to backup my photos, but now I always get an error message saying it’s not possible, even though I’ve allowed access to photos.

  4. I love the product! I’m trying to sync two different folders from a shared drive to an external drive and all works perfectly except the dependency option. I’d prefer to run the two folders sequentially so I make the second dependent on the first. However the first one runs and I get the green circle. But the second one continues to just wait on the first one and never runs. What can I do to correct this?

    1. This currently happens when starting a sync item and one of its dependencies at the same time (for example by the toolbar buttons). It will be fixed in the next update.

  5. Hi, i am testing the two-way-sync. But the sync between destination and source happens only once at startup. Thereafter, he does not sync any changes made in the destination to source. Sync is set automatically and Background Sync Run immediately.
    Is there a trick?

    1. Background syncing seems not to work reliably with large folders on a Windows Server. I have contacted Apple about this problem and will update you when I hear back from them.

  6. Hi Nick, thanks for creating a great program! One feature I would love to see is an “archive” option in addition the existing to “Move files to be overwritten or removed to the trash” functionality.

    The archive option would work like this:
    #1: Add a version number to the file to be overwritten/removed in the destination folder: “Somefile.doc” renamed to “SomefileV01.doc”
    #2: Create an “archive” folder under the destination folder
    #3: Place “SomefileV01.doc” to “destination/archive”
    #4: Copy the newer “Somefile.doc” from source to destination

    Hope to see this in an upcoming version!

  7. I am trying to use SyncTime to monitor the output from iVl Pro converting movies in order to transfer them to a NAS.

    Every time iVl completes a conversion it creates a Folder with the movie title and then puts the Movie m4v file inside.

    SyncTime seems to recognise the folder is created and copies the folder but it never copies the actual movie file.

    I tried adding a delay but no effect. If I copy the folder and file to the monitored directory manually the sync works fine.

    Here are the log entries:

    2018-08-10 17:14:03.279 SyncTime[1755:76578] Background callback with path ‘/Users/stobin/Movies/Movies/The Bourne Ultimatum’: MustScanSubDirs 0 RootChanged 0 Mount 0 Unmount 0 Created 256 Removed 0 InodeMetaMod 0 Renamed 0 Modified 0 FinderInfoMod 0 ItemChangeOwner 0 XAttrMod 0
    2018-08-10 17:14:03.279 SyncTime[1755:76578] Change accepted
    2018-08-10 17:14:03.286 SyncTime[1755:76578] Background callback with path ‘/Users/stobin/Movies/Movies/The Bourne Ultimatum/The Bourne Ultimatum.m4v’: MustScanSubDirs 0 RootChanged 0 Mount 0 Unmount 0 Created 256 Removed 0 InodeMetaMod 1024 Renamed 0 Modified 0 FinderInfoMod 0 ItemChangeOwner 0 XAttrMod 0
    2018-08-10 17:14:03.290 SyncTime[1755:117134] Starting background scan with source ‘/Users/stobin/Movies/Movies/The Bourne Ultimatum’ and destination ‘/Volumes/Steve Tobin/Multimedia/Videos/Sync Test/The Bourne Ultimatum’ for sync item: Movies
    2018-08-10 17:14:03.290 SyncTime[1755:117134] Sync ‘/Users/stobin/Movies/Movies/The Bourne Ultimatum’ with ‘/Volumes/Steve Tobin/Multimedia/Videos/Sync Test/The Bourne Ultimatum’
    2018-08-10 17:14:03.290 SyncTime[1755:117134] Add
    2018-08-10 17:14:03.290 SyncTime[1755:117134] Scan time: 0.000999

    1. This issue is related to the fact that it is not always possible to reliably determine if a file has changed in the background. The newest update makes some improvements that should solve this issue as well.

  8. Hi, LOVE the product and would be completely crippled without it.
    Having a problem with newly tagged colors on folders no longer transferring when two way syncing between the HD and Dropbox. I haven’t tried other paths but this appears to be a new issue as colors used to sync with no problem.

    Sierra 10.12.6
    SyncTime 2.8.1 (60)

    1. Unfortunately on macOS 10.13 High Sierra it is only possible to sync tags between two local folders in a two-way sync. In macOS 10.14 Mojave this problem seems to be fixed.

  9. Ever since update 2.8 I’m getting entries in the replace tab that also show up in the copy tab. The items in the replace tab are the top level folder with nothing underneath them. This same entry shows up in the copy tab with all it’s entries including the files or said folder.

    I have a screen shot if you want to email me.

    The last two updates I get entries that basically do nothing but indicate a sync needs to happen but everything has already been synced. If I accept the sync it finishes instantly and then the next time I sync a second later doesn’t show anything to sync (which is correct)

  10. I spoke with someone about this same issue a while back, but haven’t really solved it. I sync midi files to a USB drive. Quite often, but not every time, I create or modify a file, when I sync, it will sync over as a new file. But when I sync again the next time, the same file syncs as if it’s been modified–but it hasn’t been. It will continue to do this until I go into the original folder and duplicate the original file, delete the original file and rename the “copy” to the original file’s name. This can happen to many different files at once, or none it all. It seems very random. It’s starting to get more time consuming. The time I spend duplicating and renaming files to get the sync to go through without resyncs, I could almost just go ahead and manually sync the files.

    1. This is an issue with FAT filesystems which only have a modified time resolution of 2 seconds. It will be fixed in the next update.

  11. Awesome app (thank you!), but one big thing is missing :
    I have a large folder of files (source) and a destination folder that I periodically want to Sync, to have an exact copy of the of the source folder without having to overwrite the entire destination folder. I only overwrite the files that have changed. That is currently not an option (unless I’m misunderstanding).

    As I make changes to the source folder, I sometimes I replace files with older versions. Under this scenario, if I want the destination folder to be an exact copy of the source, I need to select “overwrite always”. I don’t want to be concerned if the source files are older or newer, I just want to sync, creating an exact copy (with minimal overwriting). There needs to be a “Overwrite if different” option for this to be possible.


    1. SyncTime does not explicitly keep versions of files, but if you enable the option “Move files to be overwritten or removed to the trash”, then the trash will automatically rename all duplicate files. This way you can still browse old versions.

  12. Hi, this is a wonderful product – thank you for your efforts! it’s great to use and so easy to configure. It would be great if you could add the feature to add colour background to the groups – so I can differentiate when it’s selecting all groups – thanks in advance

  13. Great program, well done! one thing is missing for me. I like to have a progress bar counting % or number of files in the status bar during a sync!

  14. Hello, I’m really liking your SyncTime program that I just bought yesterday. Before feeling comfortable enough to sync my wife’s 2 8TB Drives that we can’t afford to lose any data on, I did some testing on 2 4gb drives with random data files. As powerful as this program is the settings were refreshingly simple and easy to figure out, now that is nice. The only strange thing I ran into and have not been able to figure out yet is this: I have my 2 4gb drives doing a 2 way sync, I can put a file in Drive A and another in Drive B, by the time I open both drives the files are already synce’d (Awesome ) both the destination drives even have exact bit for bit copies(Totally Awesome ), but they are greyed out a little and I can’t open them, unless I copy/drag and drop one back to my desktop or right click on it and duplicate it, when I duplicate one of those files it then will show both duplicated files on both drives and they are able to open. I even ran first aid on both drives and restarted my computer, SyncTime even checked both drives on startup and had no errors, but still those files are greyed out and won’t open, but when I duplicate or drag onto my desktop they open and everything is there.
    After running this program through every test I could think of, especially for the price it is the only Sync program I’ve been really impressed with so far.

    Your input and / or any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    1. This issue is caused by the Finder setting the creation date of directories to a special value during copy operations so that they appear “disabled”. SyncTime now correctly resets this value when a background copy operation completes.

  15. Since this most recent update. I am getting persistent interruptions by the SyncTime app. Rather than running anonymously in the background like previous interactions, the app pops up on screen above whatever I’m working on every few mins for some unexplained reason. It’s becoming a bit of a nuisance. Is there a fix for this issue?

    I’m running version 2.6.1 (54)
    on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1

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