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  1. I would like Sync Time to simply generate a copy of a source folder to a destination folder. If files in the source folder are deleted, they shall also be deleted in the destination folder. However, changes to the destination folder shall NOT result in any change to the source folder.

    Does this make sense? Is there a way to do this?

    1. The scenario you described is one of the standard ones supported by SyncTime. When adding a new sync item, you just have to enable the option “Remove files not on source” and you are ready to go.

  2. Hi,

    I bought Synctime today and unfortunately I am missing the function that I need. The program looks good and there is nothing wrong with it!

    This is what I want:
    To sync a local folder (on my mac) to a folder in Dropbox (Exact copy of source folder to destination folder). On my “work laptop” I can only install Dropbox and would like to be able to have my documents on my personal laptop/source folder available (through the cloud of dropbox) on my work laptop/destination folder.
    Every change I make in the folder on my personal laptop should be automatically recognised and then synced to the destination folder. (I think in the current version of your program the sync is not auto-started on file change?)

    Hopefully there is a solution to this! Looking forward to your answer!


    1. What you’re looking for are the options “Once synced, keep synced in background” in the Advanced tab and “Remove files not on source” in the Destination tab of the sync item’s settings.

  3. Hi

    I updated SyncTime yesterday to version 2.10 and since then it has crashed every time I’ve used it. Would it be possible to revert to the previous version ?
    MacOs Mojave installed on 27 itch Imac


  4. SyncTime v2.10 with MacOS 10.15.1 – error deleting files – possibly caused by change of name of trash to bin – can provide screenshot

    1. This error happens when you have an iCloud Drive as a destination and chose the option “Move to Trash” for deleted/overwritten files in the Advanced tab. This is probably an issue with macOS itself that was introduced in macOS 10.15. I reported it to Apple and they will hopefully fix it soon. Until then, I can only suggest to move deleted files to a custom folder by selecting the “Move to …” option.

  5. Is SyncTime a 64 bit app that will run on Catalina? I have used another app for syncing files and folders for several years, but it is 32 bit and will not be re-written to run on Catalina, so I need to find a replacement.

  6. In the new sync time, every time I open it, I get this warning message, “Some sources and destinations have not been confirmed yet”. That is annoying and I’m requesting an option to hide that message upon opening. I believe the message shows up because I don’t have certain external drives plugged in to which it thinks I want to sync to. I know they aren’t plugged in, and I don’t want to have to connect them all before opening the app. Can you put in an option to turn that message off? Thank you.

    1. This message should only appears when you connect an external drive that contains a source or a destination which has not yet been confirmed after importing some sync items. You should only need to click Open in all the modal dialogs that appear and then the message will not pop up anymore.

  7. Hi,

    When “Once synced, keep synced in background” is marked, changes in Finder Tags are not synced, but when is a manual sync it does well.

    There are a way to “force” sync when it is syncing in backgroud or similar?


  8. This is a great app, easy and fast. I’m using it on my Mac mini with Catalina 10.15. I’ve set up 2-way syncing, automatically (“Once synced, keep synced in background”).
    There is a problem: the app seems to sync well between the folders and any changes are (almost instantly) visible in the other folder, but when I create a new file in 1 folder it doesn’t appear in the other folder (irrespective of which of the 2 I use). But once I manually copy the file to the other folder it seems to sync well. So it would appear only existing files are synced, but not new ones? Thanks

    1. This seems to afflict documents created with the Microsoft Office suite. An update fixing this will be available soon.

  9. Does SyncTime sync a folder only or does it sync a document within the forder. I have a many items in my Movie folder however I want to only sync the iMovie library. Is it possible to select the iMovie Library and sync it to another drive? Thank you.

    1. No, it’s not possible to select file packages like the iMovie Library. When creating a new sync item, usually you only have the file package on the source, so it wouldn’t be possible to select it on the destination. Instead, I suggest to sync the parent folder and exclude all the unwanted files.

  10. I’m new to Sync Time, I’m trying to use it to backup a large folder on a External drive on my laptop (running Catalina), to another external drive of a mac mini (also running Catalina). I’ve set all permissions os privacy settings (files and folders and full disk access to Sync Time). the destination disk is also set to allow read and write from my user).
    I’ve created a simple sync job where Sync Time would have to be manualy started and copy the source folder to the destination one. Also erasing all files that were not present on source.
    unfortunately I’m getting some errors. And no file is copyed, nor deleted on destination. Coukld you help me? (I’ll copy bellow the error I’m getting):
    19/10/19 23:10:17: Error removing “/Volumes/Drobo/TESTE/Quadros_TIFF_16bits/.DS_Store”: “.DS_Store” couldn’t be removed because you don’t have permission to access it.
    19/10/19 23:10:17: Error setting modification date for “/Volumes/Drobo/TESTE/Quadros_TIFF_16bits”: You don’t have permission to save the file “Quadros_TIFF_16bits” in the folder “TESTE”.
    19/10/19 23:10:17: Error copying “/Volumes/New Drobo/TESTE/Quadros_TIFF_16bits/Cadeira.tif” to “/Volumes/Drobo/TESTE/Quadros_TIFF_16bits/Cadeira.tif”: The operation couldn’t be completed. Permission denied
    19/10/19 23:10:17: Error copying “/Volumes/New Drobo/TESTE/Quadros_TIFF_16bits/Guggenheim-01.tif” to “/Volumes/Drobo/TESTE/Quadros_TIFF_16bits/Guggenheim-01.tif”: The operation couldn’t be completed. Permission denied
    19/10/19 23:10:17: Error copying “/Volumes/New Drobo/TESTE/Quadros_TIFF_16bits/Guggenheim-02.tif” to “/Volumes/Drobo/TESTE/Quadros_TIFF_16bits/Guggenheim-02.tif”: The operation couldn’t be completed. Permission denied
    19/10/19 23:10:17: Error creating directory “/Volumes/Drobo/TESTE/Viagem_USA_07”: You don’t have permission to save the file “Viagem_USA_07” in the folder “TESTE”.

    1. Please make sure that you can copy the files from the Finder. If this doesn’t work, then you need to review the file permissions of the source and destination folders and the contained files.

  11. Hello,

    I’m currently using SyncTime to sync files from a QNAP NAS to an external hard drive connected to my Mac. I’m using a one-way sync. I have the “Always Synchronize Tags” options selected, but tags do not sync. In fact, SyncTime is actually deleting the tags on files on the external hard drive (the destination) if I manually change them to match what is on the NAS (source). This problem is happening in Catalina but did not happen in Mojave.

    Thanks, William

    1. It seems that macOS 10.15 fails to correctly report tags for a drive connected via the SMB protocol. I’ve reported this issue to Apple, hopefully they will fix it soon.

  12. Hello!
    Just found SyncTime while searching for an app to (auto)sync several local folders to a Synology NAS (one-way). Congratulations, your software looks really promising!
    Is there a way to trial SyncTime before buy? I plan to sync files with many special characters in filenames and this causes many problems to other filesync app available (even trusty rsync fails to work correctly after iconv UTF-8-MAC to UTF-8 conversion).
    I’m running the latest Catalina beta. Is it supported? If there are still some issues, I can test SyncTime with Catalina.
    Thank you!

    1. There is no test version currently, but I can send you one if you need it. Catalina and special characters in filenames should work fine.

  13. I have two iMacs running Mojave 10.14.6. SyncTime 2.9.5 (73). On startup, SyncTime loads, window is displayed, but it does not run autosync. I have to select and make it run manually, even though it is set as automatic.

  14. Since an update came through a week or two ago, SyncTime doesn’t start up at Login/start-up anymore. Is there a suggestion on how to get that to happen again? (Yes–Launch SyncTime at Login is checked in the menu once I start it up manually. 🙂 )

  15. I’ve just updated to version 2.9.3 of SyncTime and I can’t get it to launch. I double-click on it and it shuts down. Running Mac OS 10.14.6 on an iMac. Please advise.

  16. Guten Morgan (sorry for my bad German 🙂
    Can you answer 2 questions please before i purchase
    1. can i run in a ‘view only’ mode? i mean, just compare the folders first and show me the differences BEFORE i agree to make any changes

    2. do you do checksums on the files to make sure they are different or just look at file size and last modified dates


    1. 1. Sort of, you get a confirmation dialog by default showing all the changed files which you can cancel if you don’t want to apply the changes.
      2. No checksums, only date modified (and added for two-way syncs) is used, which is usually a good indicator for when a file has changed.

  17. Just bought and setup SyncTime and it looks like a great program but, it keeps closing down on me sometimes within seconds of opening it up and sometimes after a few minutes. It never shows up in the running tasks/Force Quit section either, so I can’t really tell if it may be running in the background or something. Although when it closes down the top right running icon goes away as well. Any ideas?

    1. It looks like you selected a custom backup directory (for the „Move files to be overwritten/deleted to“ option) that was deleted afterwards. You can hold down the opt/alt key while starting the app to prevent automatic syncs to start, then select the backup directory for the problematic sync item again. This will be fixed in the next update.

  18. Hi Nick! Just bought your app Sync Time. Unfortunately it crashes my computer when I try to sync two folders between my thunderbolt external drive and my sinology NAS. Any idea why. I did already set “no Hidden files”.



    1. It turns out that macOS has a problem with Synology and/or AFP. Please connect the drive with SMB instead of AFP and it should work. I have opened a report at Apple and they will hopefully fix it soon.

  19. SyncTime basically does everything I need but I keep running into one problem. For a 2-way sync, if during the middle of a sync the remote disk becomes unavailable, SyncTime assumes the the folders it has not yet synced have been deleted and then removes them from the source. This problem is amplified when the remote disk comes back on line and Sync time seeing the folders were deleted at the source, then removes them from the remote disk.

    Is there anyway SyncTime can tell the difference between a disk unavailable and an actual delete?

    1. When disconnecting remote volumes, e.g. via SMB or FTP, during a sync, macOS doesn’t report whether the synced files have been deleted or are just unavailable. I have reached out to Apple and they are likely to fix this issue for SMB volumes on macOS 10.15 Catalina, but for FTP it will likely take longer. I’m also investigating a solution for earlier macOS versions.
      With this issue, there are now two issues that you should be aware of if you use a two-way sync or a one-way sync/move from a remote volume: see the help topic Sync types.

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