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  1. Hello, I would simply like to back up my home folder without needing to back up the hidden user library. Upon configuration in SyncTime, 33 errors are logged. How do I eliminate these errors, beginning with “Error getting directory contents for “/Users/username/Library…”? Or do I simply disregard these 33 errors? Thanks, in advance, for your recommendations.

  2. Hello,
    I am a Sync Time newbie and would like to ask, if you could give me an advice please:
    I use Sync Time With a network attached storage and I am not sure if I should enable the function to exclude hidden files ….
    … because of files like DS_Store, etc. …
    I really do not know anything about this things, but I remember that I have read about this topic somewhere ….
    Hope you can help! 🙂

    Best regards Dieter

  3. Hello Nikolas,
    I have established a synch for my photos with an external USB drive. The folder is 80GB with multiple files and folders. The application remains in “comparing source and ….: for a very long time (hours) and every time the computer seems to go to sleep which stops the process. How can I make the process more efficient. I would like the synch to take place on a daily basis.


    1. A sync can take a long time when there are many files involved and the source or destination drives are slow. The sync process should not take longer than the Finder. You can split up a sync item into multiple items (which are then some sort of “check points”) so that the subdirectories are synced individually.

  4. Hi,

    I’m syncing with a network drive and it will always popup an error after boot because the network share depends on a VPN connection. Is it possible to supress those warnings? When the VPN becomes available it mounts and syncs without an issue.



    1. I think what you’re looking for is the option “Do not auto-mount involved volumes” in the Advanced tab of the sync item’s settings. This way the sync will only start when the volume becomes available.

      1. I actually like the way it behaves. It will try in the background to mount and sync and this doesn’t generate any error pop-ups. It only happens at startup. So will have to live with that then.

        Love the app!

  5. Hi,
    I just started evaluating SyncTime (lite).

    My aim is to

    a) keep two folders on two computers in sync, independently on which one a file is updated or added;
    b) including moving files within the sync folder (in which subfolder hierarchy ever);
    c) when on one computer a file is deleted, it should be moved to a customizable trash folder on the other computer (to prevent an ultimate loss of data in case of an unnoticed accidential deletion on one side).

    As I set up my test, I recognized that most of my requirements are met by using the two-way-sync, but seem to be some stumbling blocks, especially changes made on the “destination” side don’t behave as expected:

    – adding a file on destination will be moved to destination trash only by the next sync; so it’s not only not sync’d to source but also deleted on dest! (New folder on dest will be sync’d to source correctly, however) -> bug?
    – moving a file on destination into a subfolder won’t be moved to the resp. source subfolder but only trashed (moved to the source trash folder) -> bug?

    In addition to that, I recognized that any move on source will trigger not only a correspondent move on destination BUT ALSO a copy of that file to destination trash.
    I understand the motivation behind that, but “large” regroupings so will cause a HUGE increase on data volume… -> should the behavior be customizable ?!?

    Defintely a bug: When entering the field Advanced/Keep overwritten/removed files a second time (after having defined a custom folder) the app reproducible terminates.

    Thx, Renato

    1. You’re right, there are some issues with two-way syncs related to the fact that it cannot always be determined when a file has been created or added to a folder. The brief description in the Destination tab of the sync item’s settings hints at this issue, but there’s a help topic on the website that explains this in more detail: Sync types.

      Unfortunately it is also not possible to determine if a file has been moved, so at the moment moving a file results in the deletion on the destination and a new copy being created. So yes, large regroupings will take some time to be reflected on the destination and also occupy space in the trash for each moved file.

      I will fix the other issues you mentioned in the next update.

  6. Is it possible to backup my SyncTime configuration? I have +15 sync items, it would be convenient to restore this by copying the config file after reinstalling macOS.

    1. Yes, you can export your sync items either from the status bar menu, or by selecting them and dragging them to the Finder. Then you can import them again by double-clicking the resulting file. Please see this help topic: Export sync items.

  7. Hi,

    I’m using SyncTime on Mac OS Catalina. I’m getting this error message:

    Error getting directory contents for “/Volume/Seagate 8TB Backup/.Trashes”

    Seagate 8TB Backup is the destination drive. How can I prevent this error from happening?


  8. Hi, running the latest version and also 10.15.4 and a couple of odd things since u/g MacOS.

    Random finder windows appear when I run a sync and multiple “detect size mismatch between X Y … .DS_Store” on every sync

  9. I can’t seem to copy my iMac’s Main internal (ssd) drive to a folder inside a separate external drive, message keeps saying “The source and destination directories cannot be contained in each other.” But I am using 2 separate drives, so what does that mean? It seems like I can only sync things in one Finder folder to another Finder folder – but how can I copy an entire hard drive where its system folders must remain in the drives main Finder window? (Meaning, they can not be moved to a folder.) Thanks.

    1. Usually I don’t recommend backing up your entire drive (you can read more about this here) because you will get a lot of permission errors caused by system files. If you really want to make a full backup of your Mac, I would suggest using Time Machine, which is preinstalled on every Mac. In any case, I will fix this issue with the next update so that you can select Macintosh HD as well.

  10. I am trying to download from App Store and it is not working?? please help, thanks,


    1. Unfortunately I cannot help regarding issues with the App Store. The best thing you can do is to contact Apple directly.

  11. I synced whole USB key to an external disc. Although it finishes the sync with some errors, not sure why synctime has issues removing some files, the sync is never finsihed. Because of that it always starts the whole sync again… getting anoying as it syncs 100GB of data and never finishes, always starting over and over again.

    1. The sync item will show the status “Not synced yet” as long as it has not completed without errors at least once.

  12. Is there a SyncTime feature that can be set to write a line of text to a log file when a SyncTime task has completed? I understand that there is a system log with details of transactions, but all I need is the ability to set a line of text with the task name and date to a specific text file, so I can easily see the history of a task.

    Thanks for the nice program! It runs much more quickly than the old program I’d been using.

    1. No, but if all you need is the latest successful date of a sync, you can see it in the status message at the bottom of the sync item.

  13. Hi,

    If I have a folder Documents (Source) on my Mac Book Air 2019 and a copy of this folder (Target) on a Flash Drive.

    Using SyncTime Lite:
    If I add or update files on the Source will the Target be updated only with these changes?
    OR will the entire Source File be written to the Target?

    Likewise if I delete a file from the Source will the Target only be updated by removing the file which was deleted in the Target?

    Thank you for your assistance.

    1. By default, when you change a file on the source, the whole file will be copied to the destination (but the other unchanged files will not be copied again). You can also set up a sync item so that when you delete a file on the source, it will be deleted from the destination.

  14. Hallo,
    nach längerem Gebrauch merkte ich heute zufällig, dass SyncTime in einen Folder auf meiner USB-Karte gar keine Dateien kopiert hat! Keine Ahnung warum nicht, alle anderen Folder sind OK. Wie kann so etwas passieren?
    (27″ iMac 2016, Sierra 10.12.6)
    Best wishes,
    Rainer (UK)

    1. It seems that you are using an old version of SyncTime. Please make sure that you have the newest update installed by visiting the App Store.

  15. Can Synctime keep a iMovie library up to date? i.e. will it sync this type office that hides its contents?

  16. Hell o –

    This program is great!
    Is there any way to keep it running in the background by hiding it? If I use the yellow button it moves it to the dock but does not sync when set to auto. I have to open SyncTime for that to happen.
    It seems nothing will happen if SyncTime is not showing on the desktop and I want to have it running but hidden.

    Thank you!

    1. You can hide the main window by clicking the red close button. This will not quit the app. You can show the window again by clicking the SyncTime icon in the status bar (on the top right of the screen) and selecting “Show SyncTime”.
      Automatic sync items should run regardless of whether the window is visible or not.

  17. Just a heads up: when I click the menu option “Launch SyncTime at login” I get an error alert box that says “An error occurred.” So I am currently unable to enable this option.

  18. I would like to shut down the computer, once the sync is completed. However, in the menu under “once all syncs are completed”, there is just the sub menu “do nothing”. The shut down option is not showing up.

    Why is that? Is there a way to fix this?

  19. I am running SyncTime on my MACbook version 10.15.2

    When it’s running it works flawlessly, but since the latest OS updates it keeps disappearing ( crashes silently).

  20. Hi,

    i struggle a lot with sync buddy another program from the app store.
    As it is perfectly syncing but does not delete old files.
    I need to sync a 4TB extern HHD to a second 4TB HHD regularly as i do audio recordings
    on the Drive A and just want everything same same on Drive B even, if i change (delete or add Data on Drive A).
    I thought this is a simple task, but it turns out that its obviously not.

    So, how does Sync Time deal with this task?


    1. Yes, you have all the options to do exactly what you describe. There is no need to reformat the drives, you can just use SyncTime with your existing data.

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