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If you want to report a problem or would like to see a new feature in the next version of uFocus, please write a comment on this page. Every suggestion is welcome!

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    1. You can create a new document with the standard macOS procedure: by selecting File > New (Cmd-N) or if you have a library open Library > New Document (Cmd-Shift-N).

  1. Hello Nicolas,

    I recently noticed a bug that wasn’t there before. When I change the font (and/or the font size), the text color goes black. In dark mode, this is easier to see as the text almost disappears, but even in Sepia, you can see the default text color become darker.

    I either change the theme and then go back, or I turn on/off the highlighting mode to fix it temporarily. It’s not a major issue obviously but still wanted to let you know.

    Sagan K.

    1. I will fix this in the next update. I’m glad for reporting any kind of issue (regardless of how small it might be) or suggestion.

    1. No, unfortunately no uFocus version for Linux is planned. I’m one guy doing this in my free time and it’s already hard enough keeping up to date with one operating system, I hope you understand.

  2. Hi,
    I’m running Mac OS 10.14 on a Mid-2012 MacBook Pro. Since I have upgraded to uFocus 3.6.8 the application does not open. Can you help me download the version 3.6.7 while this issue is looked at?


      1. Thank you the quick repair. I just installed uFocus 3.6.9 and it works great on my OS X 10.10.5 system. No problems with anything on the “View” menu–themes, fonts, text sizes, editor sizes, everything works great. Thank you so much.

  3. Hello:

    I’m so sorry. I’m having trouble with uFocus 3.6.7. I have a Mid-2009 2.53 Ghz MacBook Pro (Model MC118LL/A – A1286) with OS X 10.10.5 and all of the latest updates.

    Although it’s always available as an update in my copy of the Apple Mac App Store, I am having trouble with running uFocus 3.6.7. Everything works in it just fine unless I choose “Dark Theme,” “Font,” “Text Size,” or “Editor Size” from the “View” menu. Then the application locks up and crashes. OS X is unaffected.

    I have an older copy of uFocus 3.5.5 and everything works. I’m able to choose all of these choices from the “View” menu that I cannot make in uFocus 3.6.7..

    If there’s anyway I can be of help, please let me know. And thank you again.

      1. Thank you. You’re very kind.

        uFocus 3.5.5 works terrific. It’s a really nice piece of software, but I keep getting notifications to update to v. 3.6.7 and I can’t make that jump yet.

        If there’s anything I can help with, please let me know. I really appreciate the work that you’re doing. Take care.

        1. You should be able to update to the newest version, the bug you reported previously is now fixed.
          By the way, I tried replying to your email but I always receive a delivery failure notification.

  4. Hi again! I’ve been making good use of uFocus. Thank you again for your quick response last time 🙂

    I noticed that, with typescrolling on, every time the end of line is reached, the scroll bar briefly flashes. Technically this makes sense as far as the OS is concerned. It is, however, distracting to see the side of the screen flash every few seconds.

    I recognize this is likely challenging to hide. However, if you could find a way, that would be amazing!

    Thank you.

    1. Sorry, I really should stop speaking so soon! This problem is alleviated by making sure the text is scrolled up to its highest position. Anything lower causes the scroll bar to appear briefly when each new line is reached. Not difficult to work around.

      1. I’m always happy to hear about any suggestion and issue that you might have, because this allows me to improve the app and make it appealing to even more users. I never noticed the scrollbars flashing when typewriter scrolling is enabled, so it’s good that you bring this to my attention. I will certainly fix this in the next update.

  5. Hi,

    I’d like to request a bug related to Library search box.

    I mostly use the dark theme. However, sometimes I switch to the light theme from the dark.
    In the light theme, typed text is white-colored so it is not visible in the search box.
    Switching to sepia and reverting back to light theme solves the problem.

    Below is the link for the screenshots.

    macOS 10.14.6
    uFocus latest version


  6. Hello,

    After an embarrassingly long hunt, I’ve finally found the distraction free writer for me. Thank you!

    I’m not sure if this is intended or not, but typescrolling, at least on my computer, keeps the line roughly 2/3 of the way down the page. Preferably this would be higher, for neck strain reasons, but it’s certainly not the end of the world!

    More pressing I think is the app state between launches. Currently the app opens to the file open window and then opening any file shows it in a default small window. It would be really great if uFocus remembered the open windows before quitting, so that for example the previous document would return to fullscreen if that is how it was before quitting.

    These are only humble feature requests, not bugs! Thank you so much for this amazing software.

    1. Oh, a followup for my blunder: I had my system settings wrong! Windows are restoring as expected now. 🙂 Sorry about that.

    2. I will increase the top and bottom margins to be 1/2 of the screen height in the next update, so that you can position the cursor in the middle of the screen.

  7. Hello from the heartland of America. (well, the midwest anyways)

    I love uFocus. Truly, I’ve only had it installed for about two weeks and already the program has fixed the one fatal flaw that prevented me from making it my “go-to” text editor. (it was that jumping whenever I pressed the spacebar.”

    Now there is another issue, it’s with Version 3.6.3 (66).

    I am getting a “this app suddenly quit” error. The app didn’t really suddenly quit, it just thinks it did. As far as I can tell it’s working fine, but the error shows up just the same.

    I understand how much effort goes into making an app work flawlessly, it’s the holy grail of any application. Now listen, the jumping when I pressed the spacebar was a deal-breaker, but now that’s fixed! I am ready to replace Microsoft Word with uFocus, truly. I just wanted to point out the error that makes the program think something went wrong when really nothing did.

    I imagine you are a small team, working endlessly to chase down these bugs, I feel you. (that’s an American expression meaning, “I sympathize with what you must be going through.” You are very close to making the perfect word processor, and that in itself is a monumental achievement. Add this accomplishment to the mere fact this app is free and you have secured your place among the greatest apps there is.

    If there is a way to donate to your team I will find it and make a contribution. You see, I’ve been using Microsoft word for 8 years on this computer, and now I am being told it won’t work with the next update to iOS. That is what brought me to uFocus. I tried many other word processing programs, but uFocus has proven itself to be supreme, especially since the update that stops the page from jumping when I press the spacebar.

    I only inform you of the “suddenly quit” error as a formality It is NOT a deal-breaker, like the jumping text was.

    If I may make one observation it is this: Next to my laptop there is a manual typewriter. It’s a Remington Quiet-Writer circa 1955. I love typing on my Quiet-Writer but I lothe (hate) re-typing what I have written, that’s what lead me to using microsoft in the first place. Now, in my search for a replacement of Microsoft word I searched many apps, one I found was called, um, Origin. ( Who really cares? it’s paid app.) The one, and I mean “singular” thing Origin does that uFocus does not do is “focus” the text in one place while the user types. Let me give you an example as this is hard to explain. When I am typing on the typewriter the letters are being stuck right in the middle of the page. Meaning, my typed words are fixed and the “paper” moves around them. In most word processors the page is compiled with text moving left to right, just like a word processor. But, and I mean BUT, in my search for a new word processor to replace Microsoft Word, I noticed how “familiar” the feeling was to have the text stay still and the page move around it. If you are still confused as to what I mean try out the Origin app, the paper stays still and the words are created right in the center of the page, just like on my Remington Quiet-Writer (Circa 1955).

    If you can figure out a way to “move the paper around the text” like a typewriter (and like the cheesy “give us $5 to unlock more word count documents” Origin you would rule the day. (Which is another American expression that means “kick ass”.)

    So there you have it. I look forward to writing my next big thing on uFocus and I will gladly support you and your future app development.

    Cheers from Minneapolis, Minnesota. USA.

    Anthoney Baker

    1. The crash was fixed in the newest update. I will see what I can do to offer a mode where the cursor always stays fixed on screen, but I cannot promise anything at this point.

  8. Hello there. I love your application but it has one very-very annoying thing that breaks down Focus philosophy. Especially after update! Every time when you push space the whole text makes little jump and that scroll thing on the right always appear. I do not know why you do not solve it because it is so annoying that I can’t even use it anymore. Whole text always jumps and distract you. Besides this, the application is perfect!

    P. S. I also would like to see XXL text size option. It would be great!

    Thanks for attention.

  9. Hi,
    I’m on macOS 10.13.6 and UFocus 3.6.1

    Show Library command (via shortcut or menubar) causes a crash.
    After the latest version text body is no longer centered in the editor, it is left-aligned.


  10. This is an amazing app in every way—except it crashes every 5 minutes! I’m in the middle of typing and it will suddenly give me the spinning beach ball and I will have to force quit, losing a few sentences of progress. I would use this all the time but I can’t! Please fix! Running OS 10.14.6.

    1. It looks like this crash happens when you enable the Modus > Sounds option and it is possibly a problem with macOS itself. I reported this problem to Apple and they are looking into it.

  11. Hello dev

    Very hopeful to swipe two fingers to open library, but I can’t link anything inside.
    Commands New document and New folder don’t work too.
    Why ? I use 3.5.2 (55)
    Is OS 10.11.6 unable to link because too old ?

    Thanks a lot. Best regards

    1. It looks like you linked a library and then deleted it while the app was closed, so you cannot create any new documents inside it. I will add a warning message in the next update.

  12. Hello.
    Thank you for your good app.

    Some problems.

    1.In typescrolling mode, cursor is slowly slide down from center of document to bottom of document,while input characters…(I think it is not typewriter mode…)

    2.Sometimes Library shows “Empty file.” in spite of saving many paragraph.

    (uFocus version 3.5.1 macos 10.12)


  13. Hi love uFocus, thanks.
    Just wondering if there is an iOS app planned.
    If not could you suggest an editor that I could use on the iPad to edit the files.
    Will be using iCloud to share the folder.
    Thanks again.

    1. I would love to publish an iOS version, but it could still take some time. In the meantime, you can use Pages, which you can download for free on the App Store.

  14. Hi Nicolas,

    I just downloaded uFocus and it was love at first sight.

    As a writer, I am very demanding when it comes to the simplicity and functionality of the apps I use and yours instantly won me.

    I do have some comments as feedback; I will explore the app some more and gather them together in a way that they make sense, before I push them to you.

    Until then, I have a crash report for you. Ironically, the app crashed as I was writing the feedback 🙂

    The report is the standard “Send to Apple?” dialogue. I don’t think this form allows me to paste all of it. Can you email me? I will attach it on my reply.

    Keep up the good work!
    Giannis G. Georgiou

  15. Great clean software. Is there any way to sort the Library by Date added, DESC? Then use it as a journal tool?


  16. Two things that keep me flipping between uFocus and other editors (FocusWriter among them):

    1) I’d like to be able to choose the display typeface.
    2) I’d like a shortcut for moving a line up/down.

    1) is a personal quirk whereby I’ve found my writing is soooo much better when I use an authentic-looking typewriter font (not Courier). Note, this is not the printing font, but solely the one I see in the editor window. (I told you it was a quirk).
    2) is essential for many of us that come from ‘power user’ editors like Vi, Emacs, TextMate etc. You have ctrl-A/E/K which is great. Just one more would be a real boon.

    1. Hi, I think i found a bug, while creating a new document, right around 2540 characters, the application blocks and never recovers.

      It has happened twice, and it hasn’t happened while editing documents or if I save the file before reaching that mark.

      Hope you can try it and maybe replicate the error.

      Thanks a lot for such an excellent app.

      Best regards


    2. Hi Nicolas
      Many thanks for uFocus. Exactly what I needed. Love the typewriter quality/simulation. Just one suggestion for a smaller/thinner curser rather than the blue one. But I am a dedicated uFocus user from here on in. Thanks again!

      1. Because the cursor doesn’t blink, it will not be as easy finding it on screen if it is the same color as the text.

    1. The cursor position is only restored if you have your Mac globally enabled to restore application windows. In order to restore application windows when quitting and reopening an application, you have to disable the option “Close windows when quitting an app” in the General tab of the System Settings.

      Alternatively, you can quit uFocus by selecting the menu “uFocus > Quit and Keep Windows” while holding down the Alt/Option key. On the next start, the windows and their state (including the cursor position) will be restored.

  17. Hello,

    Thanks for your apps! It’s really great! And you can make it better 😉

    I would like to edit *.md files with uFocus, but I have an error message when I try to open such type of files in the editor =(

    1. It seems like some systems do not correctly recognise Markdown documents. The next update will fix this problem.

  18. Hi,

    when pressing NEW DOCUMENT there is now an error message saying “ERROR WHILE CREATING (NULL)”.

    I tried to reinstall ufocus and install newest updates from OSX but the message still appears.
    Any ideas for help?


    1. This issue happens when you select “Library > New document” even though you didn’t select a library. This menu item will be disabled in this case in the next update.

  19. Hi there,
    I love your app, uFocus, very much. It’s light, fast, simple.
    I am using it everyday now since I’ve found your app.

    However, I’ve found a “bug”, every time I resize and move the window of the app to what and where I want, then I leave and reopen the app, it goes to default again.

    Is this what you intend to design? Or can you add a option to disable it?


  20. I love uFocus! I left a 5 star review on v3.2.2. One feature request: Could you make the active text (aka:highlighted) and dormant text shades of amber or user assignable? Thanks and keep up the great work!

    1. I’m afraid making the text color user assignable would be a distraction and when lowering the brightness even further the text would not be readable anymore in bright environments. If the automatic screen brightness of your Mac doesn’t suit to you, I would suggest lowering it manually.

  21. I’m working on a document that’s about 90 pages. 2016 macbook pro. Pretty peppy. It seems that the longer the document has gotten theres a small delay when typing and deleting. When I type it is not registered instantaneously on the screen.

    I love ufocus. It’s terrific. But this slowdown is a problem. Any ideas?


  22. Hello, I’m not sure that this function exists in uFocus, but making disappear the code (“**” or even “_”) which emphasizes the text (with an option in the menu, for example) could improve the aspect of documents !

    And thanks a lot for your app !

    1. There is no in-app preview, but when you print the document you can enable the option “Apply Markdown” in the print panel.

  23. Feature request : have you considered adding a search field to find files in the library ? That would make uFocus a real alternative to nvALT.


  24. For some reason, ufocus is using discrete gpu instead of intel gpu? Should it really be doing that, considering it’s not graphically demanding?

  25. I highly appreciate the distraction-free approach. As long term terminal user I’d be very glad to be able to change defaults for cursor type & colour, as well as font & background colours, especially the cursor (blinking, bar) and the main font color in the dark theme (which I’d be using during night time). Keep up the great work!

    1. Currently you can only open an existing directory (by either dragging it to the app icon or selecting it in the Open panel), but I’ll add a more direct way in the next update.

  26. I would really like a possibility to view a statusfield at the bottom, with information: Word count, Char Count, New words since file opened… That would be great! This could be turned on or off depending on how you like it.

    1. The information popover that you can open from the titlebar was once on a status bar that I removed to reduce distractions. But I may add the option to show this info permanently in the next version.

  27. Hi, I really like the way uFocus works. One thing, I failed to figure out how to open multiple files in a directory? Could you please give me some clue? Thank you!

  28. Hi, I just discovered uFocus and am really like it so far. Two features I’d really like are: 1) automatic update of word count as I go. If I have the word count panel open as I type, it just stays static, I have to close the panel and re-open it to get the word count updated. It would also be really cool to be able to set word goals, (e.g. 750 words) – but that’s just a request. 2) Copy as html is much more useful than me than rich text due to the blog I use.

    1. Copy as html will be added to the next update. The word count panel is not meant to stay permanently on screen in order to avoid distractions, so it will not update in real time. Usually when I write I don’t have a specific goal … other than to be creative, so I prefer not to add goals of any kind.

  29. The application saves text files. Why does it insist on a txt extension? I should be able to save files with the md extension or markdown extension, and still retain the ability to be treated like a text file.


  30. Hi! I’m just trying your app and I like it a lot, but there’s a few thoughts I had on how it could be better! I thought I’d go ahead and get them to you and it seems like this is the place.

    * It is frustrating that I have to have my files end in .txt. I am using this for a lot of different types of writing and while all of the documents I want to use right now are more or less plaintext, it’s frustrating that I have to rename all the documents I have with other names to .txt before I can open them. Textedit doesn’t have this limitation and opens tons of different types of things as plaintext and it’d be nice if this tool could too. (Specifically in this case I work with a lot of .tex documents.)

    * It would be nice if it didn’t jump back up to the beginning when I switched the theme.

    Thanks for your work!

      1. Thanks tons! I also have a few more suggestions as I continue to use this to edit .tex documents!

        * I would really love to be able to switch the defaults not to change my ‘ and ” characters into smart quotes. It completely breaks my documents when the editor does this, and I often don’t notice until much later. I have to remember to uncheck every time. I wish I could just set a preference to have that disabled by default. I’d even be fine if that was a defaults write type thing!
        * Same thing for replacing — with — etc.

        Thanks again for this tool and your work!

  31. I wonder if you could implement a ‘fold’ feature –where the user inserts a command character before and after a section of text– and then that text is not visible (i.e “folded”). uFocus would be magnitudes more useful to me with that feature. BTW: I am not a programmer, but I learned to use folds with a former Dos editor (years ago and can’t recall the name).

  32. I was looking for a simple app to write notes in markdown and found Focus. Really like it so far!

    Two things would be nice: a default location where new notes are automatically saved to (DropBox!), and a way to copy the formatted note into an email (not its markdown source).

    What do you think?

  33. It would be cool if I could use Cmd-B, Cmd-I and Cmd-U to start and stop the appropriate Markdown tags. For headings this won’t be necessary as they only require a tag at the start.

    You could for example:
    1. Select text, use Cmd-B and then surround the selected text with **text**.
    2. use Cmd-B to insert ** once, then keep on typing, and the use Cmd-B again to insert another **. This way the Cmd-B acts as an on/off switch for the bold Markdown.

    Love the editor by the way. Way less cluttered then alternatives, fast and easy!

  34. Please, add option for change default font. I have two language layout and default font Inconsolata support only Latin-1 character set. The type system make characters not rendered by font looks *really* ugly.

    1. I considered your request but decided not to add a font button to the preferences pane in the last update. In the first versions of Focus there was a popup button to choose between different fonts, but I thought that it could be one of those “distractions” that I wanted to exclude.
      However, the problem you mentioned is a serious one, so I added a little workaround to allow changing the default font manually, which is explained in this post.

  35. –It would be wonderful to have an option like TextRoom’s «flow mode (no deletions)» [http://code.google.com/p/textroom/]. It impedes to edit or back delete when writing (if the user chose it).
    I found this very useful to fight against the editor in me when trying to let the creative juices to flood.

    –The preferences’ pane in Aqua style —and no screen centered— would be better looking (for me).

    –Transparency control’s and image background would be fine too! So… A simple theme editing option will be mandatory if you decide to implement this.

    Thanks for your app.
    Best wishes and happy coding!

    1. A “flow mode” will be implemented in the next version (why didn’t I think of it before?). I’ll have to think about a custom background image … this could be one of those nasty distractions.

  36. Love Focus! Just got it today and it is a fantastic alternative to WriteRoom, and nice for writing outside the super-heavy interface of Scrivener.

    Can you kindly implement document padding when not in fullscreen? The flush text makes it hard to separate context when I have focus open in one screen and another editor open in another window—when, for example, I’m editing a completed work.


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