You can customize your writing atmosphere by enabling one or more of the supplied modi. A modus actively stands by as you type your text.

You can find all available modi in the Modus menu.

  • Markdown: allows markdown characters to change how the text is rendered. Regardless of this setting, a document is always saved as plain text.
  • Typewriter scrolling: the text automatically scrolls as you type to keep the blinking cursor at the same distance from the bottom of the window.
  • Sound: experience the feeling of a typewriter. There are different sounds played back when you delete text, enter a space, a newline and any other character.
  • Highlights: the current sentence gets highlighted.
  • NoWayBack: just write! You are not allowed to delete or correct any typed text. Please note that you cannot undo/redo changes applied while having this modus enabled but you are allowed to undo/redo changes after disabling it.