Witgui 1.1.1

Download Witgui 1.1.1 (Mac OS X Lion or newer)

New features

Multiple selection allowed for starting multiple conversions (the user can choose the folder where to save all selected games and select the naming scheme for the created files) or deleting multiple games at once. When entering some text into the search field a bar appears just below the toolbar to select the search scope: you can search either your game list or the whole offline database.


Customization of the toolbar is not allowed anymore; this solves a bug that caused the conversions button to appear after a restart even if the user hadn’t moved it manually to the toolbar, which now shows only icons without labels. Added two entries to the File menu which allow to jump directly to the search field and select all games in the tableview.

Fixed bugs

The default players column is sortable. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the app to crash when no game cover was found.