User-friendly labels for App Store Connect API types

App Store Connect API defines some enum types which are displayed in Localiji with a user-friendly label. For example, the Screenshot type defines APP_IPHONE_67, APP_IPAD_PRO_3GEN_129 and others. Since the API doesn’t define user-friendly labels, Localiji defines them manually, like “iPhone 6.7″ Display” and “iPad Pro (3rd Gen) 12.9″ Display”, similarly to how they appear on the App Store Connect website.

When Apple adds new enum elements, such as when introducing new display sizes or device types, the current Localiji version uses the raw enum string by default until the user-friendly label is defined in a future Localiji update. If you notice a non-user-friendly label, you’re welcome to report it on the Contact page.

The official types declared in the OpenAPI specification used by Localiji are: