Action after sync completion

You can define whether your Mac should go to sleep, shut down or execute an arbitrary script after a particular sync has completed in each sync item’s settings. Alternatively, you can define an action to be executed after all syncs have completed, either from the status bar menu/the File menu (depending on whether you’re running SyncTime from the status bar or the Dock) or from the context menu.

  1. Open the AppleScript Editor (located in /Applications/Utilities).
  2. Create an AppleScript by copying one of the codes given below (or writing your own) into the Editor and saving it on the Desktop with a meaningful name.
  3. Open the scripts folder from the status bar menu by selecting “Once all syncs are completed > Open scripts folder in Finder”. (The scripts folder is located at /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Scripts/org.desairem.uSync.) Move the newly created file into this folder via drag and drop.
  4. Restart SyncTime. A menu item corresponding to the new file is now visible.



tell application "System Events" to sleep

Shut down:

tell application "System Events" to shut down

Play a sound with a given filename (you may store your custom sounds as well in /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Scripts/org.desairem.uSync):

do shell script "afplay /System/Library/Sounds/Glass.aiff"

Play a random sound from /System/Library/Sounds:

do shell script "afplay /System/Library/Sounds/" & some item of paragraphs of ((do shell script "ls /System/Library/Sounds/"))