SyncTime logs the following events:

  • Success:
    • a file is added, overwritten, removed or moved
    • file metadata is synced for files whose contents have not changed (metadata includes tags, the hidden and locked state, and any custom directory icon)
    • a backup created by the backup strategy is removed
    • a sync has completed without errors.
  • Error:
    • the sync bases are unavailable when starting a sync or get disconnected during a sync
    • a file cannot be scanned
    • any of the file operations listed under “Success” fails
    • the snapshots cannot be read or written (for two-way syncs or when tracking moved files)
    • linking a file fails during an incremental backup
    • a conflict occurs during two-way syncs.

The Activity log window can be opened from the Window menu or the status item menu.

To minimize memory usage, when opening the Activity log window only the most recent logs are shown. Older logs can be shown by clicking on Load more in the upper right corner of the log list.

By default, old logs are automatically deleted after 7 days. You can change the time interval in the Activity log window, by clicking on the three dots toolbar button and selecting Maximum log age.

Activity logs are saved in daily files with the .tsv extension in

~/Library/Group Containers/8L4NN3ZTVN.org.desairem.SyncTime/Library/Application Support/activity logs

where ~ is your user directory.

Hint: if you want to select a file that is hidden in the Finder, you can navigate to it in the open panel by pressing the keyboard shortcut Command-Shift-G, which will open a dialog that allows you to manually enter a path to navigate to. Alternatively, you can toggle the display of hidden files with the keyboard shortcut Command-Shift-.