SyncTime logs the following events:

  • Success:
    • a file is added, overwritten, removed or moved
    • file metadata is synced for files whose contents have not changed (metadata includes tags, the hidden and locked state, and any custom directory icon)
    • a sync has completed without errors.
  • Failure:
    • the sync bases are unavailable when starting a sync or get disconnected during a sync
    • a file cannot be scanned
    • any of the file operations listed under “Success” fails
    • the snapshots cannot be read or written (for two-way syncs or when tracking moved files)
    • linking a file fails during an incremental backup
    • a conflict occurs during two-way syncs.

By default, old logs are automatically deleted after 7 days. You can change the time interval in the Activity Logs window, by clicking on the three dots toolbar button and selecting Maximum log age.


Activity logs are saved in

~/Library/Containers/org.desairem.uSync/Data/Library/Application Support/activity logs.xml

In order to reduce the space occupied on disk and to speed up the loading time, the logs are saved in a binary XML format which is not user-readable. This file can be converted to a plain XML file. The following Terminal command creates the converted log file on the Desktop:

plutil -convert xml1 -o ~/Desktop/SyncTime_logs.xml ~/Library/Containers/org.desairem.uSync/Data/Library/Application\ Support/activity\ logs.xml