Sync confirmation dialog

The sync confirmation dialog is displayed by default. To skip the confirmation dialog and apply the changes automatically, enable the option “Skip confirmation dialog” in the sync settings Advanced tab.

The confirmation dialog shows all the changes that will be applied during a sync grouped by files to be removed, overwritten and added.

When a regular file has been added or removed or its contents have changed, its name is displayed in the usual label color. On the other hand, if only a file’s metadata has changed (such as the hidden or locked state), its name is displayed in grey and the Size column shows a dot “•” to indicate that the actual file contents will not be transferred.

Similarly, a directory can be displayed in grey: in the Remove tab, it means that it won’t be deleted (but contents with a black name will); in the Overwrite or Add tab, it means that it already exists. If the directory’s metadata has changed, its name is also displayed in grey and the Size column shows a dot “•”.

Finder tags are always synced for added files. If the option “Always synchronise tags” in the Destination tab of the sync settings is enabled and the tags are changed for an already existing file, the file will appear in grey and show a dot “•” in the Size column to indicate that only the metadata has changed.