Synchronise in background

Starting from version 1.1, you can enable the option „Once synced, keep synced in background“ in the Advanced tab of a sync item’s settings. After the sync has been run as usual, files will be automatically transferred as soon as they are created or modified on the source (or removed, if the option „Remove files not on source“ is enabled). For a two-way sync, this also applies for the destination.

A background sync will run indefinitely and cannot be restarted until canceling it from the context menu. Canceling a background sync will stop it from monitoring future changes.

Please note that after restarting the app, a sync will compare the whole source and destination again before monitoring for changes in background. While the changes for this first sync have to be confirmed by default, background changes are always applied without confirmation.

Please note that changes on a volume can only be detected when they are performed from the local Mac. This functionality is based on a macOS feature that works best when performing file operations inside the Finder and document-based apps and works for Terminal command such as touch, copy and move as well. If you find a use case that does not trigger background syncing, please visit the Contact page.