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  1. Mac Sonoma, I just purchase Synctime, it down loaded to my computer butI want to run it on a different computer. How do I move it?

    1. You can download SyncTime to any other Macs from the App Store just like you did with your current Mac, or you copy it onto an external storage device so that you can transfer it to the new Mac, or use AirDrop.

  2. Great program – no real issues except the following is a bit annoying but doesn’t seem to affect anything. I’m the ‘administrator’ of the computer so I can’t get my head around these issues:-

    11/7/24, 08:48:43: Error getting directory contents for “/Volumes/WD5T Portable/.Spotlight-V100”: The file “.Spotlight-V100” couldn’t be opened because you don’t have permission to view it.
    11/7/24, 08:48:43: Error getting directory contents for “/Volumes/WD5T Portable/.Trashes”: The file “.Trashes” couldn’t be opened because you don’t have permission to view it.

    Many thanks

  3. Hi Nick,

    Just purchased the App SyncTime. and ran into unexpected Sync Errors.

    – Expected the newer TODO.txt to successfully over-write the older version on the iMac instead of error(s).
    – Two-way sync. Laptop: laptop/Users/dennis/Desktop and dennis/Desktop (iMac)
    – Message below:

    Today, 19:12:40

    Conflicting source files:

    Date Modified Size
    Scan 10. Jul 2024 at 17:00:43 9 KB (8.868 bytes)

    Date Modified Size
    Scan 16. May 2023 at 15:18:24 9 KB (8.833 bytes)

    Please make sure that the conflicting files are equal and then sync again.

    1. I understand that you created a new two-way sync between folders that already contain different versions of the same file. For the first sync, you should make sure that you don’t have different versions of the same file, since it’s not possible to automatically determine which of those two files should overwrite the other one. You can read more about this here: Sync types.

  4. Love this app.

    I am just running into one issue. I am using File Modifier to rename a file when it comes into the destination folder.

    When it sees 2024 in a filename it changes the name of the file like this: is changed to, but it is still keeping the original file – in the folder.

    My goal with rename is to have the destination file name change and the original file be deleted so that only and

    So, I am getting the rename working correctly, but I want the original file gone as well, not have two copies of the file with different names.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    1. Could it be that you have the option “Remove files not on source” disabled? If the destination files already existed before adding the rename file modifier, then the “old” files will stay there until you activate that other option too. Once they are removed, you can deactivate it again.

  5. Hello, I would like to know if SyncTime can copy the files from an HD to an USB key keeping the exact alphabetical order:
    1. Song Title, 2. Song Title, 3. Song Title…
    This because some MP3/FLAC readers follow the date the files were recorded on the USB stick, not the numbers in the names or tags.

    1. Do you mean perhaps that your reader sorts the files by creation date? SyncTime does its best to preserve all file attributes, but depending on the format of the destination drive or the used network protocol, you may get unexpected results, some of which are outlined here: Why do some files seem to change on every sync?
      If you’re unsure if your setup will work, I suggest to download SyncTime Lite from the App Store for free, so you can check if your syncs work as expected, and buy the full SyncTime version if necessary.

  6. When syncing an entire server to an external drive, the different SHARED FOLDERS on the server are not being transferred to the drive, just the folders and files INSIDE the shared folders. The result is that on the external drive ALL files of the shared folders end up in the same place. This is messy, and also potentially dangerous because it can happen that two files of the same name end up in the same folder.
    Is there a way to create folders form the server’s shared folders so the single files all end up in the place where they belong?

    1. It sounds like you created a single sync item with multiple sources that are merged together. You should instead select a single source so that the folder structure is preserved, and exclude the files or folders you don’t want to sync. Multiple sources, destinations or bases explains this situation in the Note and refers you to the solution in Filters.

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